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Water Service Material Survey

  1. Background
    The Senate Bill 550 law signed by Illinois Governor Rauner on January 17, 2017 adds a new section 17.11 titled “Drinking Water Notifications and Inventories”.  In summary, this additional section requires owners and operators of community water systems to create a comprehensive lead service line inventory and to submit documentation of the inventory to IEPA.  This is so that information on all lead service lines in the state that pose the risk of increased lead exposure in drinking water is collected and made publicly available.
  2. Water Service Survey
    Use this form to self-report your water service material type as copper, lead, galvanized steel, or plastic. The majority of water services in the Village are made of copper or lead. It is important to check the pipe material as it comes into the home, as often a home will have copper plumbing from a remodel but still have a lead service line. This location is generally close to your water meter and located in a basement, crawl space, or utility closet. Apartment or condominium units may not have water meters in their unit and if so can disregard this notice. Lead pipes are gray in color, shiny when scratched, and often include molten joints. Galvanized pipes are gray in color and are dull when scratched. Copper pipes are brown colored and include soldered or threaded fittings. If you are unsure use a metal tool to clean the pipe and compare the pipe color with a penny. After reviewing your service pipe material, complete the survey below to the best of your knowledge.
  3. My water service is made of:
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  4. Service Address and Contact Information
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  5. Need a Public Works Department appointment? (Check only if needed)
    If you are not able to locate your water service or not comfortable making this determination, the Public Works Department is willing to visit your home to determine your pipe material. To schedule an appointment, check the box below or call (847) 588-7900.
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