What is municipal electrical aggregation?
The aggregation of electricity is when the electric supply of residential and (eligible) small businesses is combined to jointly purchase electricity. The village may solicit bids for the supply of electricity in an effort to obtain a lower rate. This is made possible by the Illinois Power Agency Act, which was amended in 2009.

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1. What happens after June 2015 to the price per kilowatt hour?
2. In the IDT Energy program, are there any automatic price increases?
3. I still would like to opt-out of the program, what should I do?
4. What is municipal electrical aggregation?
5. Who is eligible to participate in the program?
6. What if I have already switched to another electrical supply provider?
7. Will there be a green option available for customers to select?
8. Can residents and businesses choose not to participate?
9. Will there be any change in the electrical service provided to my home or small business?
10. What if my power goes out, who should I call?