What is Administrative Adjudication?

The Village of Niles  Administrative Adjudication process is a quasi-judicial tribunal for the expedient, independent, and impartial adjudication of municipal ordinance violations. The Administrative Adjudication hears cases involving Building Codes, Fire Codes, Property Maintenance Codes, municipal ordinance violations (e.g. underage drinking, cannabis possession, theft), unlicensed businesses, health and sanitation concerns, parking tickets, animal related violations, and other matters.

Administrative Adjudication hearings are quasi-judicial hearings that do not follow the rigid and complex rules of evidence, but still follow a basic structure to ensure fairness and due process of law.

An Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), who is independent and not a Village employee, presides over all hearings.  The ALJ is an impartial, licensed Illinois attorney, who must meet strict state requirements to serve in this capacity.

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1. What is Administrative Adjudication?
2. Why was I issued a complaint/ticket?
3. What do I do if I receive a citation?
4. Do I need to attend the hearing?
5. What should I bring to my hearing?
6. What do I do when I arrive for my hearing?
7. Who may participate in the hearing?
8. How do you settle a case?
9. How is the hearing conducted?
10. What if I am found liable?
11. What if I am found not liable?
12. What if either side disagrees with the Judge’s decision?
13. What happens if a citation is ignored or you fail to appear?
14. What can I do about a default judgment?
15. What happens if someone does not comply with the Judge’s order?
16. How can I pay a fine?