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  1. We need another cable company available to Niles residents. The only cable provider now is Comcast, who keep raising my rates unreasonably.

    Comcast keeps raising my rates excessively. They have a strategy of sending me a greatly inflated bill, then negotiating for less of an increase. The trouble is that the increase is still excessive...

    Mar 28, 2015 by Harold Hauser (5 points)

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  2. Provide a list of employees, job titles, and annual salaries. Make that information available online.

    A list of Niles employees, their job titles and annual salaries should be available online. The city of Chicago does this and it has over 30,000 employees. Niles should follow this example to show...

    Jul 30, 2015 by Test account (14 points)

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  3. Online Payment Options - Vehicle Stickers / Water Bills

    Residents would like to be able to pay for vehicle stickers and water bills online. This can be done very simply by adding a Paypal payment box on the website for individuals with no changes to...

    Jun 12, 2014 by Mark LoPiccolo (12 points)

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  4. Personal Information Should not be on Vehicle Sticker Applications

    I opened my vehicle sticker application and was surprised to see my drivers license number, date of birth and home telephone number printed on the application. This information should be removed from...

    Jun 13, 2014 by Mark LoPiccolo (12 points)

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