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Women’s History Month - March is Women's History Month – commemorating and encouraging the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American history.


Women’s History Month Movie —Radium Girls

(NR, 2018, 102m)

F, Mar 24|1pm$0M/$2NM 

In a country where individuals still struggle against the Goliaths of Industry, this movie is a reminder of what can happen when women refuse to be silenced.  The true story of the group of employees who became known as the Radium Girls is a portrait of corporate crime, a scientific mystery story, an inspiring account of victims banding together, a documentary and a courtroom drama. The movie marks the directorial debut of Academy Award-nominated producer Lydia Dean Pilcher and filmmaker Ginny Mohler. They wrote the screenplay with Brittany Shaw. Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner 

radium girls

Women’s History Month—Joy

(PG-13, 2015, 124m)

F, Mar 31|1pm|$0M/$2NM

Jennifer Lawrence shines as the titular Joy Mangano, an ambitious businesswoman who became a self-made millionaire. While juggling different aspects of her complex personal life, Joy innovates a self-wringing mop and eventually meets a wealthy investor. Despite numerous people's attempts to shut her blossoming business down, Joy fights back with tenacity and finds independence as one of the most successful business entrepreneurs of all time. Fun fact: the real-life Joy Mangano is the founder and CEO of Clean Boss, which is still selling products today.



Happy St. Patrick's Day

Movie - Waking Ned Devine

(PG, 1998, 91m)

F, Mar 17|1pm|$0M/$2NM

With Soda Bread and Coffee $2

When best friends Jackie O'Shea (Ian Bannen) and Michael O'Sullivan (David Kelly) discover someone in their small Irish village has won the lottery, they immediately set off to see if the winner is in a sharing mood. Deducing that Ned Devine is the lucky man, O'Shea and O'Sullivan pay him a visit, only to find him dead from shock. Since Devine is is the only one who can claim the prize, the townsfolk band together to convince the claim inspector that O'Sullivan is really Devine, and split the cash. A heartwarming comedy with a delightfully light touch, Waking Ned Devine finds feel-good humor in some unexpected -- and unexpectedly effective -- places.  Soda bread and coffee will be served.   


ned devine 1