Culture Club

Immigrant Heritage Month

I Learn America (2014, 93 minutes)

At the International High School in Lafayette, a Brooklyn public school dedicated to newly arrived immigrants from all over the world, five teenagers strive to master English, adapt to families they haven’t seen in years, and create a future of their own while coming of age in a new land. This documentary follows the stories of Sing, a refugee from Myanmar; Brandon from Guatemala who is reuniting with his mother in America after 10 years apart; Sandra, an undocumented tomboy from Poland; Jennifer, a fierce spitfire from the Dominican Republic; and Itrat from Pakistan as she chooses between returning to Pakistan to marry or remaining in America to go to college and build her independence. Over a school year, amidst the complexity and diversity of American life in and out of school, “we learn America” though the lives of these resilient teenagers. Afterwards, we will be offering a dinner of: Grilled chicken, sides, beverage, and dessert.
Wednesday, June 27 • 3:00pm • Movie & meal $9M/$13.50NM • Movie only, $4