Culture Club


Marcos Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (116min)

Tu, Oct 15 | 12pm | $7M/$10.50NM
Documentary—From acclaimed director David Sutherland comes this unique look at the immigration issue. The film follows the efforts of Elizabeth Perez, a decorated United States Marine veteran, to reunite her family after the deportation of her husband, an undocumented worker from Mexico. Her struggle begins to challenge her assumptions about justice and fairness in the nation for which she fought. Meal includes: Argentinean empanada (diced steak, potatoes, green olives, red peppers, onions, and spices), salad, beverage and dessert.


native american heritage

American Indian Heritage Month Presentation

 W, Nov 6 | 11am | $12M/$17NM
Jody Roy, of the St. Kateri Center in Chicago will be here to discuss Native traditions in the Chicagoland area. Named after St. Kateri, The Chicago American Indian Community Collaborative is the spiritual center of Native groups in Chicago. This presentation will discuss the traditional native medicines and the overall Chicago connection of American Indians. As a special treat, a live flautist will share authentic healing music with attendees. Afterwards, meal includes turkey sandwich, seasonal soup, beverage and dessert.


black history

Black History Month Luncheon: The Black Musical Experience

F, Feb 28 | 11am | $16M/$21NM The Mix Company Band will be here to take us on a journey through the Black American musical experience. Starting on Blues and Jazz lane, winding through the streets of Motown, and ending on Rhythm & Blues lane, artists such as James Brown, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye and Luther Vandross have created timeless music that is loved by generations. Lunch will include beef brisket, sides, beverage, and dessert.