Culture Club

Asian-American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month Events

Movie Presentation:  The Namesake (2006, PG-13, 122min)

Starring: Kal Penn
Spanning over the course of about 25 years, The Namesake follows the lives of an Indian-American family, the Ganguli’s, their journey of preserving their Indian roots while trying to blend into life in the United States and the generational gap that forms between the parents and their son, Gogol, as he tries to find his own unique place and personality in the world while keeping true to his heritage.  Menu includes: Gyros sandwich, chips, beverage, and dessert. 
Wednesday, May 2 • 12:00pm • $6M/$9NM • Movie ONLY, NO COST

Buddhist Meditation Session

Zen Meditation Practice permits an understanding and realization of the deeper and more subtle aspects of our lives and points toward a compassionate and more confident way of living. Rev. Kozan Jim Matson, of The Zen Buddhist Temple of Chicago will lead participants in a session of Zazen, which is seated meditation. Rev. Matson has been involved at the Zen Buddhist Temple of Chicago for the past 30 years and has been performing in the role of a Zen Teacher for the past 15. After the session, we will offer a meal of Chinese chopped salad with chicken, roll, beverage and dessert.
Thursday, May 17 • 10:30am • Session only, $5 • Session and meal, $9

Belly Dance Lesson - Led by Hip Empowerment Circle

Come experience this magical ancient Southeast Asian dance. Once just considered a performance art, women of all cultures, ages, and backgrounds are exploring the world of belly dance as a workout and self-empowerment tool.
Event details will be released in mid-April. Please check lobby for more information.

Movie Presentation: In The Matter of Cha Jung Hee (2010, 64min)

In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee follows acclaimed filmmaker Deann Borshay Liem as she returns to her native Korea to find her “double,” the mysterious girl whose place she took in America. Traversing the landscapes of memory, amnesia and identity, while also uncovering layers of misinformation in her adoption, this moving and provocative film probes the ethics of international adoptions and reveals the cost of living with someone else’s identity. Part mystery, part personal odyssey, it raises fundamental questions about who we are…and who we could be but for the hands of fate. Meal includes sweet and sour chicken, white rice, egg roll, beverage, and dessert.
Thursday, May 31 • 12:00pm • $6M/$9NM • Movie ONLY, NO COST

Immigrant Heritage Month

Stopping Traffic: The Movement to End Sex-Trafficking (2017, TV-14, 79min)

With 27 million victims, human trafficking is the 2nd largest criminal enterprise in the world. Not just a back-alley enterprise in underdeveloped regions, it’s also prevalent in the U.S. and industrial nations. Stopping Traffic: The Movement to End Sex Trafficking starts the conversation on a taboo topic – with raw images of life on the streets, heart-pounding rescues and gut-wrenching, personal stories – ultimately offering a story of hope and empowerment, with the goal of engaging others in launching a movement to end modern-day slavery. Stopping Traffic takes an unflinching, first-hand look at this shadowy underworld, telling the shocking story through the eyes of survivors, veteran activists, front-line rescue organizations and celebrities who support the cause.  Meal includes: Charbroiled BBQ chicken, sides, beverage, and dessert.
Thursday, June 21 • 4:30pm • Movie and dinner, $11 • Movie only, $4

I Learn America (2014, 93 minutes)

At the International High School in Lafayette, a Brooklyn public school dedicated to newly arrived immigrants from all over the world, five teenagers strive to master English, adapt to families they haven’t seen in years, and create a future of their own while coming of age in a new land. This documentary follows the stories of Sing, a refugee from Myanmar; Brandon from Guatemala who is reuniting with his mother in America after 10 years apart; Sandra, an undocumented tomboy from Poland; Jennifer, a fierce spitfire from the Dominican Republic; and Itrat from Pakistan as she chooses between returning to Pakistan to marry or remaining in America to go to college and build her independence. Over a school year, amidst the complexity and diversity of American life in and out of school, “we learn America” though the lives of these resilient teenagers. Afterwards, we will be offering a dinner of: Grilled chicken, sides, beverage, and dessert.
Wednesday, June 27 • 3:00pm • Movie & meal $9M/$13.50NM • Movie only, $4