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This page has been designed to explain the Village of Niles Backflow Prevention Program and answer any questions associated with the program.  Currently the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency or (IEPA) requires that all water systems in the state of Illinois have an effective Backflow Prevention Program in place.  The program that the Village of Niles has implemented helps ensure the integrity, purity and safety of the Niles Water System for all of its users.
Why is Backflow Prevention important?  Backflow protection is important to prevent any cross contamination between the Village's purified water system and any impurities or health hazards.

What is Cross Contamination and how does it occur?  Cross Contamination can occur when there is a real or potential connection between the water supply and a potential contaminating source. This can commonly occur when there is a loss of pressure, like the opening of a hydrant or a water main break, causing water to flow in the opposite direction.  It is at this point that a potential contaminant could enter the purified water system.
The potential for cross contamination can commonly occur in the following locations:
  • Carbonated beverage machines
  • Ice makers
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Common Garden Hose
  • Cooling Towers or Water Storage Reservoirs
What does the Village of Niles require to prevent backflow and cross contamination? 
In order to be in compliance with the IEPA, the Village of Niles requires that a backflow protection device be installed and then tested annually.  A backflow device can be installed inline to prevent "good" water from mixing with "bad" should a backflow occur.  These installations can range from simple, like a hose bib vacuum breaker, to slightly more complex, like a reduced pressure assembly or double check assembly.
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How can my business come into compliance?  The Village of Niles has retained BSI ONLINE.  BSI automates the delivery of third party inspection and testing reports for all backflow devices for all businesses within the village.  Please visit for more information or to submit test results.  If you need further assistance please contact Dennis O'Donovan, Village of Niles Building Inspector @ 847-588-8064.