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Attention Niles Residents!   Interested in serving your community?   Check out this great opportunity!


Deadline Thursday, May 12, 2022 by 5:00 p.m.

Village of Niles Seeks Residents 
 to Serve on the 

Community Relations Commission


On Tuesday, April 26, 2022, the Village of Niles Board of Trustees amended the Community Relations Commission ordinance to better serve the needs of the community. Mayor Alpogianis and the Board of Trustees are looking for interested individuals to play an active role to meet the objectives set forth. 

Members of the Commission must be a resident of Niles. Members will be expected to regularly attend and actively contribute at quarterly meetings and give time between meetings to fulfill the work of the Commission.

Meetings will be held in the evening at a date and time set by the Chair to best accommodate schedules of appointed members.  The Commission must meet once a quarter with additional meetings called at the discretion of the Chair. 

Please read the full ordinance at to understand details and updates, including members, terms, procedures, functions and responsibilities.  More information is also available on the Community Relations Commission home page. 



All interested individuals should complete an application and submit by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 12, 2022.  Applications can be found here or at Village Hall reception desk.

Submit completed applications to 
 Village Clerk Marlene Victorine and cc:

For questions please contact (847) 588-8010

05/03/2022 - Social Work Corner  (Posts from the staff of Niles Family Services)

How to Help Someone With Grief After a Sudden Death - The New York Times

How to Support Grieving Friends and Relatives by Sharon R. 

When friends and relatives experience the death of someone close to them, it can be difficult to know exactly what to say or do.  We are often fearful that we will make someone feel worse by our words or actions, so sometimes we just avoid the person or do nothing.  Yet, research has consistently shown that grieving individuals cope much better when they do receive support.  Grieving alone, without support, can be isolating and make a person's grief journey far more challenging.

Some specific suggestions for how to support grieving friends and relatives include:

  1. Listen way more than you talk
  2. Avoid giving unsolicited advice
  3. Avoid asking lots of questions.  Let people share whatever they wish on their own timetable
  4. Don’t offer platitudes such as “They are in a better place” or “At least he’s no longer in pain”
  5. Offer to do specific tasks, such as bringing dinner on a particular evening, rather than saying “Let me know if you need anything”
  6. Regularly check in on them and offer to get together, doing activities or going places you know they’d enjoy
  7. Allow and encourage people to grieve in their own unique way. Telling them not to cry or advising them to "be strong" is usually not helpful and may be harmful
  8. Continue to talk to them about their deceased loved one, especially fond memories you have or qualities you admired

Niles Family Services/Niles Senior Center will be jointly offering a monthly grief support group for widows and widowers, starting in May, 2022.  Niles Family Services also offers individual grief support for Niles residents. Please call (847) 588-8460 for information on both individual and group support. 

03/24/2022 - Help for Ukraine

Many residents have inquired about local opportunities to support Ukraine during this harrowing time.   Many volunteers are on the ground providing much needed aid, and some local organizations are sponsoring these efforts.   For those that are interested in donating, here are some local organized efforts:


St. George Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Des Plaines is accepting donations for Ukraine.   They are currently in need of shoes and socks for children age 2–15 years old and medical supplies.   They are also coordinating financial donations.   More info available by calling Vida at 773-732-1451.


St. Joseph the Bethrothed Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Norridge has the "Fond Zakhystu Heroyiv" which for the past 7 years has been providing medical care in the US and Ukraine for wounded Ukrainian soldiers.   This fund also supports the chaplains who serve in the battle zones who with these funds can locally purchase/provide necessities (food, clothing, protective wear, toiletries, shelter) for the soldiers and their families.  More information can be found at


Ukrainian Baptist Church (UBCChicago) in Berwyn is working with our missionaries in Ukraine and internationally to deliver much needed supplies to people of Ukraine. 100% of these funds will be used to purchase food, medicine, protective gear, etc.  Please visit our efforts page, for up to date relief efforts.