Board Members 

The Niles Historical Society consists of an Advisory Board, Volunteer Board Members, numerous Volunteers, and an Administrative Assistant from the Village of Niles who is assigned to the Center. The Board meets fourth Monday of every month. The Advisory board meets when scheduled.

The 2018-2019 sitting Board consists of the following:

President: Thomas Ferraro
Secretary: LaVerne Kozak
Treasurer: Julia Guarnaccio. pro tem
Publicity / Newsletter: Michael Crisci
Museum: LaVerne Kozak
Museum / Accessions: Doris Gottschalk, LaVerne Kozak
Building and Grounds: James Kozak, Mark Carter
Docent / Records: LaVerne Kozak, James Kozak, Lucille Kozaneki
Interim Membership Chair: Michael Crisci
Social Events: LaVerne Kozak
Village Administrative Assistant: Michael Crisci

If you are interested in becoming a Board Member, talk to Thomas Ferraro on requirements.