Niles Testimonials

What makes Niles special?

Niles Residents speak out on their experiences with the Village.
Hello, I just wanted to send a quick note and thank you for putting in the stop signs at Howard & Osceola.  People go flying down Howard with no regard for residents on the street.   I'm so glad the stop sign is there now! It's easier to back out of my driveway and much safer knowing that those drivers need to actually slow down and stop.   Thank you!
-Kristen S.

Thank you so much for a great end to my week!  Your Teen Center is an amazing place and draws so many teens.  Our community is so lucky to have this center.  Thank you again for making a difference in our community!  Your dedication is appreciated by me!
-Emma O.

As I drive home from Arlington Heights (work), day in and day out, I just have to give HUGE KUDOS to the Niles Public Works department!!! I usually take Rand Road or Milwaukee Ave south from around Palatine Express and, in my 30+ years at the same job, I honestly have to say -- The roads look like they never even get TOUCHED until one arrives at or near Golf Road!! Then, from there on end ... all the way through Niles ... clean as a whistle and dry as a bone!! THANKS, Niles Public Works!!!
-Gina F.

Thank you for your electrical aggregation program. I have saved 50% n my electricity bills. I am very happy the Village did their due diligence in researching a good company.
-John D.

I wanted to write to you and let you know that your inspectional staff was efficient, thorough, and very professional in every way. John Montejo, Rick Molina, Ken Martens, and Rick Sheridan all were extremely helpful throughout the project and were a pleasure to work with. The team you have assembled is a great asset to Niles and they represent you and your community very well. It was a great project and we appreciate all of the help and assistance from your crew.
- Jim P.

Thank you guys for always keeping my neighborhood/city safe! We really live in one of the best areas left in Chicago suburbs! Last night my husband’s trunk must have been open and the police left a note they shut it for us! Where else do you find that much care? You guys rock.
-Tiffany Q.

The Focus on Niles- It's Possible Here- has a welcoming and read me quality. The newsletter with color and variety has vitality. You and your team have spiced the newsletter with your energy.
- Dianne

Thank you for quick service.  A large branch fell and I called today before going out to the store.  When I came back, the branch was gone.  I’m always very happy with your service.  Please let everyone know how much I appreciate it.
-Mrs. B

Special Thanks to Fred and Ethan for working with our students from BUC Schools. We appreciate all of your hard work and cooperation! Looking forward to working with all of you again.
- David, Lawrence, Brian, Charie, Angela, Vincent, Alex, and BUC Staff.

I am writing to express my gratitude to the Village of Niles for the wonderful Niles Holly Jolly Christmas Market and Tree Lighting... Mayor Przybylo and other officials should be congratulated for the wonderful event which expressed the warmth of the season.

Thank you to Public Works for picking up logs that someone dumped in the back alley. They did an absolutely perfect job clearing and cleaning the area and I wish I could hire them to clear my own back yard.

Thanks @VNilesIL for the quick response on the nearby water main leaks. Appreciate the hard work even in the cold.

Thanks for the quick response and impressive service to our street sign!
-Mr. L

I read the “Block Party” article this weekend from Focus on Niles. It was wonderful! Thank you so much! I really hope it generates more Nile citizens to have block parties!

A note to say Thank You for hosting a "first class" event last evening. I appreciated the note to invite Margaret and both of us were able to use this opportunity to network with many of the other staff, officials and volunteers along with learning about the many facets of our Village. You have assembled and inspired a great team as exhibited by everyone's enthusiasm. I am honored to be part of this important group. Warmest regards,
-Alan Z.

I just wanted to tell Community Development how much I appreciate their courtesy in returning my call and having this taken care of. Very professional and accommodating. I love when municipal people who are there to serve the public conduct business in a manner to truly serve citizens. Thank you again.

We have the best public works department overall, and those guys should be commended for the fine work they do. I have lived in Niles 40 years and wouldn't want to live anywhere else!! Thank you for your service!!!
–Niles Resident

Thank you so much for the wonderful story about George in the spring Focus on Niles.
– Kay

I just wanted to send a note thanking our amazing public works department for their much appreciated hard work during all this snowy weather! We are always amazed to see our side street and more times than not, our alley, cleared before other villages have even finished cleaning their main roadways! We also sincerely appreciate the plowing out of our alley as we always store our cars in the garage! This winter has made us so happy that we live in the Village of Niles! Thank you again for the hard work and dedication!
–A very appreciative resident, Danielle Foley

Thank you to Tony Dati for his work taking down a tree near my property. Tony was very nice and did a great job.
-Niles Resident

Great job Niles Public Services! I appreciate your help.

I just wanted to send a big THANK YOU for the tree that the Village of Niles planted on my parkway! It was a great surprise to come home from work and see it. It is exactly what we wanted--ornamental pear tree-- and the white flowers are all blooming now. Please let Tony Dati and all involved know that I really appreciate the great job they did!

The Niles Teen Center has given me the opportunity to make cool friends, and the staff has really helped me do better with my homework and studying.

Once again Public Works has blown me and my husband away with the superb job they are doing clearing the streets. Every time there is an emergency like snow or flood, we are amazed at how hard the employees work and how courteous and helpful they are.

I would like to compliment your Officer Rider! We had a situation with our daughter. I was referred to Officer Rider, and called to discuss the matter. We ended up coming into the station to speak to her with our daughter, and I cannot compliment her enough!! She was not only wonderful, but also excellent with her knowledge and handling of our conversation together!! I will not hesitate to call on her again if needed. She was able to definitely get the point across.I do believe she hit home with her talent! Please advise her of how truly grateful we are for her being there for us. Thank-you to Officer Rider from the bottom of ours hearts! We so need people like this for our youngsters!!
A big shout out to the Niles Police Department and Officer Montgomery. Aaron looked out the window this morning and told me there was a NPD car parked outside. I didn't think anything of if because they park by our house a lot to monitor the stop signs. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door, it was Officer Montgomery. He was letting me know that my car windows were open and it was beginning to rain. He offered to help roll them up, but I told him I could get them. Not only was he concerned about the inside of my car getting wet, he didn't want anything happening to my car. I thanked him and let him know that I was a member of the police family via my dad and CPD. He then thanked me for the blue ribbon I have tied on my porch railing.
-Judi C.

I would like to thank you for the excellent work done by Village of Niles Public Services personnel. During very strong winds my 70-year-old tree was being uprooted. Not knowing what to do, I called the Village and within a few minutes Public Services personnel arrived. The tree was dangerously swinging and ready to come down on the house. Under the initiative of Public Services, the area was secured and the tree was safely brought down between the houses. This was the most professional job I've ever seen.
-Mark R.

Thank you so much for planning the meeting to give the residents of Crain Street a chance to voice our opinions and worries about the conditions of our street during the coming winter... It is good to know that our local government is actually listening to us. Thank you again.
-Carol and Steve M.

I would like to compliment our village services for having wonderful people who truly care. This morning a random car parked in front of my house and the leaf pick up crew was doing their job. The person who was working was so understanding and found a way around the car to get my huge pile of leaves off the street. I would just like to say thank you, job well done.
-Deborah J.

I am a resident of Chicago; but I live across the street from Niles and therefore do almost everything from shopping to enrolling my children in the park district there. I grew up in the Portage Park area of Chicago and although I have not experienced any negative interaction with CPD, I can't recall any positive either. So, when me, my husband, my 2 sons and daughter were walking back from Jewel past Jonquil Park; I was pleasantly surprised by one of your officers, badge 123. He came out of his squad to talk to my children. He gave them each Junior Officer sticker and praised them for wearing their bike helmets. What he didn't know is that although it may have been a small gesture from him, it means so much to my kids. They are now proudly displaying there badges for all to see. Thank you for taking the time to make my kids day.

I would like to thank the Village of Niles for providing a safe, healthy, and positive atmosphere at the Niles Teen Center for our young Niles residents. Mark Williams and the rest of the staff at the Teen Center have done a great job of making the children feel welcome and comfortable as well as the parents.

At completion (of tree removal), the entire crew cleaned the area as if it was their property, with the street sweeper on site the very next morning. Exemplary attitudes, all! Speaking to them and to all who service the Village of Niles, a most sincere THANKS! Our public services are the envy of many neighboring communities, and a huge component of many resident's decisions to enjoy retirement in Niles.

I would like to thank you for your prompt response to my request to fill in a pot hole in front of my driveway. I know at this time of year your department in busy on projects that are far more important than filling in a hole, that is why I appreciate your departments dedication in providing excellent service.

One of the many reasons I've lived in Niles so long is because everyone here is super helpful and cares about the citizens that reside here!

THANK YOU for the outstanding job….for going above and beyond what is expected and working so hard for so many days!

Niles has the best Public Works. They just get it done and are there when you need them. People take these services for granted and you never see anyone praise them. These are our unsung heroes. Thanks Niles PW. I have lived here for 50 years now and you guys have never let us down. When its a bad storm and I am caught out driving I always know when I hit the Niles city limits!

Thanks to the ongoing efforts of the Niles Teen Center, we will call attention to the importance of these vital programs so that the Village of Niles will further distinguish itself, among both our state and nation, as a community committed to the development of todays young people.
-Senator Kirk at the Youth Information Fair

I'm writing to remind you about a gifted member of your staff, Dwight Roepenack who stepped in to resolve an issue I had with Groot... Prompt results came about thru the kind, firm intervention of Mr. Roepenack... He also showed the consideration to phone me, reassuring me that he would go to bat should Groot fail to clear the trash. You are fortunate to have him on staff.

This week Niles Forestry Dept. were at our house to remove very old very damaged bushes. I can not tell you how impressed I was with this group...This group of Niles employees were professional/friendly/polite. They did a great job in removing the bushes and the clean up.
From my first call to the job at hand everyone involved impressed me.

I am sincerely impressed with the excellence of your fitness center. The Niles fitness center had everything I wanted. My workouts there are always a pleasure. The courteous people behind the counter, the wide variety of equipment, the complimentary towel service, and the convenient temporary key lockers, all contribute to a really well- run facility that was obviously designed and is operated to deliver excellent service to its members.

A sincere thanks for the 'Meet & Greet' last night. It was classy, energizing, and fun. It definitely helped Niles in numerous ways. Well done. All the best.
-Mike S.