Social Services - A Message from our Social Worker Melanie Amin

What is Social Work All About?

When people hear the word “social worker,” they might wonder, “What exactly does a social worker do?” Our staff of professional, licensed social workers can help older adults better understand the community support services and social/financial programs that impact their well-being.

While we can answer questions about eligibility for programs, we can also work with seniors to expand their abilities to cope with changes such as loss and illness. In addition, we can link older adults with needed community services and provide counseling. Group services and advocacy can also address the emotional and practical aspects of aging.

What are some ways that social workers can be helpful? Niles Senior Center social workers are able to:

Provide information and answer questions about community resources for older adults to help them manage 
financial and health-related concerns. 

Provide referrals to services and programs, such as Meals on Wheels, help-in-the-home, transportation and housing 

Outreach to homebound residents. Connect them to resources that maximize independence.

Serve as advocates for older adults who may be vulnerable due to physical or emotional changes.

Offer counseling services to individuals, couples and families to assist with social and emotional concerns.

Work with families to strengthen their ability to cope with changes related to illness and loss.

Assess financial hardship and make referrals to community services and resources.

Respond directly to stabilize crisis situations in the community to reduce the risk of elder abuse, neglect or eviction.

In addition to counseling and case management, our senior social work department also offers the following groups and services:

Caregiver Group – This monthly support group offers support to family and friends caring for loved ones.  The 
group is a source of practical and emotional help that provides an opportunity to relieve stress and interact with 
other caregivers.

Parent Group - A support group that is available for senior parents coping with the demands of caring for medically, 
emotionally or financially adult dependent children.

HERO Program - Niles Helping Elders through Referral and Outreach (HERO) is a community-based system for 
identifying and helping older adults at-risk physically, emotionally, socially or financially. If you are concerned about 
a senior who you feel may benefit from social work outreach, you can make a confidential referral by calling 
(847) 588-8420 and saying, “I want to make a HERO referral.”

For information on senior social work services and support, please contact Melanie Amin at (847) 588-8460.

Join Us for the Discussion Group: Grief, Loss and Change

While this group will support people coping with grief and bereavement, we welcome participants managing other types of loss. 

This program is open to Niles residents only and meets the third Wednesday of each month from 3:00 to 4:30pm. 
Upcoming meeting dates are September 19 and October 17, 2018.

There is no cost to attend the program, but registration is required. Please contact Barbara Duran at (847) 588-8460 for more information.