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GRAND-Parenting Support Group

Being a grandparent is a rewarding experience that is often enhanced by the benefit of enjoying children without having the daily grind of parenting. Many grandparents typically delight in fun visits and playdates, occasional babysitting, or an enjoyable summer vacation.  But sometimes circumstances change, perhaps through divorce, financial hardship, military deployment, or illness, those once brief and fun interactions are replaced by the need to take care of children full time, again. When this happens it is called “kinship care.” This once uncommon phenomenon has grown increasingly common in the last twenty years. For example, in 2010 there were 7.5 million children in the U.S living with a grandparent, which comprises almost 10 percent of all of the kids in America! But being a custodial grandparent also has its benefits. First, there is the knowledge that you are providing a stable and warm environment for your grandchild. Other benefits include creating a deeper relationship, being able to keep the child in the family, and experiencing the revitalization that is bound to occur while keeping up with a youngster! The downside is that many custodial grandparents experience increased depression, family strife, legal issues, economic strain, the loss of being able to do things that they used to enjoy, in addition to having to now care for a child that is probably struggling emotionally. Although the prognosis can sound bleak, there is hope; studies have shown that grandparents who seek outside emotional support, such as in a support group setting, experience less stress and actually feel an enhanced quality of life. 

For that reason, the Niles Senior Social Services Department is offering the GRAND-Parenting Support Group. In the group you will be able to meet other grandparents such as yourself, hear others’ stories  and share your own, and discover resources that you may have been unable to find on your own, all while enjoying some quality “adult time.” The group will be offered on the first Wednesday of every month beginning Aug 7 and will run from 10-11:30am at the Niles Community Church, 7401 Oakton. Free childcare will be offered during the group by calling the church directly at 847-967-6921. For all other inquiries please call Briar at 847-588-8474.


grief loss

Join Us for the Discussion Group: Grief, Loss & Change

While this group will support people coping with grief and bereavement, we welcome participants managing other types of loss.

This program is open to Niles residents only and meets the third Wednesday of each month from 3:00-4:30pm.  Upcoming meeting dates are August 21, September 18 and October 16.

There is no cost to attend the program, but registration is required.  Please contact Angelika Danek  at 847-588-8460  for more information. 

Senior Social Services

In addition to counseling and case management services, our Senior Social Work Department offers the following support groups (there is no cost to attend groups but registration is required, please call 847-588-8460):

Caregiver Group - This monthly group offers support to family and friends caring for loved ones. The group is a source of emotional help and practical guidance that provide an opportunity to relieve stress and interact with other caregivers. 

Parent Group - A support group that is available for senior parents coping with the demands of caring for medically, emotionally or financially dependent adult children.

Grief and Loss Group – This group supports seniors coping with grief and bereavement as well as other types of losses. 

In addition, we also offer the following service:

HERO Program - Niles Helping Elders through Referral and Outreach (HERO) is a community-based system for identifying and helping older adults at-risk physically, emotionally, socially or financially.  If you are concerned about a senior who you feel may benefit from social work outreach, you can make a confidential referral by calling and saying, "I want to make a HERO referral."

For information on Senior Social Work services and support, please contact Angelika Danek, Senior Social Work Coordinator at (847) 588-8460.