Holiday Happenings 2016

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New Year’s Soiree
Yeah, we could have said "party" but when is the last time you have been to a "soiree?" Makes you think of gorgeous jewelry, fancy clothes, drinks, right? Well, we have the food and drinks (and entertainment!) covered, so we are asking YOU to bring the "pretty" to our party, and the "suave" to our soiree! This year, we are doing a black and gold theme, so wear your finest black and gold outfits! We are very excited to welcome back the amazing trumpeter and singing duo, Anthony "Frank" Cassano and Tony Ocean. You will not want to miss this.
Menu includes: Caprese salad, chicken with mushrooms, tomato cream pasta, dessert and a glass of champagne.
Friday, Jan 6 • 12:00-2:00pm • $15M/$20NM