10 Tips to Save Your Life in Rail Safety

The Niles Police Department wants to promote safety for both motorists and pedestrians around railroad tracks. Please be proactive to keep a tragedy from occurring either on or around railroad tracks. To remain safe please follow the ten tips, offered by Operation Lifesaver, when crossing railroad tracks:
  • Walking or playing on train tracks is dangerous and illegal.
  • Be prepared to stop at crossings.
  • Cross train tracks at designated highway/railroad crossings.
  • Look for the crossbuck sign, lights or gates at crossings.
  • Listen for warning bells and whistles.
  • Obey the signals.
  • If one train passes, make sure a second train is not approaching on another track in the same or opposite direction.
  • Obey the directions of a police officer or member of a train crew directing traffic at a crossing.
  • Cross the tracks in low gear; do not change gears while crossing.
  • If your vehicle stalls on the tracks, get out quickly and move away from the vehicle and tracks; call the emergency number posted at or near the crossing, and call 911.
traing crossing