Truck Driver Safety Tips

Operation Lifesaver offers the following safety tips for professional truck drivers to help keep you safe during your travels:
  • Pay attention to the advanced warning signs that indicate you are approaching a railroad crossing. Start slowing down so you can stop your vehicle if a train is approaching.
  • While slowing down or coming to a stop, look and listen carefully in each direction for the sound and sight of a train.
  • Never shift on a railroad crossing to avoid the risk of stalling on the tracks.
  • Check for traffic around you before you move toward a crossing. Turn on your flashers, if necessary, to warn traffic that you are slowing down or stopping at the crossing.
  • Do not start across until you know you can cross the tracks completely without stopping. Know the length of your vehicle. Also, know your vehicle’s under clearance.
  • Before resuming travel, look in both directions.
  • If there is a traffic signal or stop sign across the tracks, make certain traffic will not trap you on the crossing.
  • Before you cross, plan to have 15 feet of clearance between your rear bumper and the farthest rail. This will prevent your overhang from getting hit.
  • If there are flashing lights and gates at the crossing, stop when the lights begin to flash. Wait until the lights stop flashing and the gates go completely up before proceeding.
  • If warning lights at the crossing begin to flash after you have started across the tracks with your vehicle, keep going. Do not back up.