Pedestrian Safety

Operation Life Saver promotes pedestrian Safety around railroad tracks. Operation Lifesaver offers advice to help keep safe you safe when crossing railroad tracks. Here are some helpful tips:
  • It is illegal, and considered trespassing, to walk on railroad tracks and in the right of way on either side of the tracks, or to climb on rail cars.
  • Trains overhang the tracks by 3 feet on each side and sometimes up to five feet on each side.
  • It is only safe and legal to cross the tracks at a designated public crossing with a crossbuck, flashing red lights or a gate. Crossing at any other place is trespassing.
  • Locomotives are sometimes not at the front of a train; instead, a locomotive may be pushing the train.
  • Do not cross the tracks until you can see clearly in each direction after the first train passes, because there may be a second train approaching.
  • You must wait until the crossing signals stop and gates go up to legally cross the tracks.
  • There are “quiet zones” at some railroad crossings. You may not hear a train approaching or you may believe the train is farther away than it actually is when in fact it is closer than you realize and moving faster than you think.
  • You must use extra caution when crossing tracks with a wheelchair, baby stroller, or with any other item that has narrow wheels. Always cross the tracks at a ninety degree angle and consider walking across the tracks if possible.