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Rave Alert: "Reverse 9-1-1" Automated Calls and Notifications

Residents can sign up to be notified via phone when emergencies arise through a company called Rave Alert. This includes all types of emergencies such as storms, heat and cold alerts, and any other situation that may put residents at risk. Residents register a "Smart 9-1-1" profile to manage their alerts.
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Residents may also sign up to receive important Village event and news updates in their e-mail via the Niles e-newsletter.
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UPDATE: As of 12/17/2019, no emergency alerts have been sent out this winter. If you registered a landline for voice call alerts, you will not have received any calls at this time. If you register a mobile phone for text alerts, you should have immediately received a text asking you to confirm your registration to receive alerts. Other than this confirmation text message, no other alerts have been sent via text at this time.