Clubs - Men's & Women's Clubs


Men’s Club Meeting - January 

President:  Hank Betka
The NSC Men's Club will join the Women's Club for lunch and Bingo.
Monday, Jan 28 • 12:00pm • $6M/$9NM

Men’s Club Meeting - February

President:  Hank Betka
Emlee Hilliard-Smith is a senior counsel in the Chicago Regional Office of the SEC. She has worked in the SEC’s Enforcement Division for 28 years, conducting investigations and litigating financial fraud cases.  Prior to joining the commission she was in private practice in Boston where she specialized in taking public companies private. Emlee is going to talk about strategies for smart investing and offer tips to avoid investment fraud and scams. All are invited to come. (Please see Women’s Club for menu.)
Monday, Feb 25 • 11:00am • Meeting only, NO COST
Meeting & lunch $6M/$9NM


Women’s Club Meeting - January
President:  Lois Macadam
Lunch includes:  ham and cheese on a croissant, potato chips and dessert.  Following lunch, we will play Bingo for prizes.

Monday, Jan 28 • 11:30am • $6M/$9NM

Women’s Club Meeting - February
President:  Lois MacAdam
Lunch includes: chicken Caesar salad, roll and cherry pie for dessert.  Entertainment by Norm Lucky will follow the meal.
Monday, Feb 25 • 11:30am • $6M/$9NM