Protecting Your Home and Yard from Winter Wildlife

As summer days get shorter and the temperatures gets cooler. Fall and Winter are not far behind. This means animals are starting to prepare for the colder months by stockpiling food and finding denning sites. This time of year is when homeowners need to inspect their property for potential openings that animals are seeking.
Some things homeowners can do around their home and yard to reduce the chances of wildlife creating a den area are listed below:
  • Eliminate hiding spots such as wood piles, “junk” piles, overgrown shrubs or low bushes.
  • Properly block off openings under sheds, decks(less than 2’ off ground), etc. to prevent animals from digging underneath.
  • Trim back or remove trees or tall bushes that are within 6’ of your roof. Also any trellises, etc. used for flowers could possibly provide easy access to your roof.
  • Check your roof and soffit for any gaps or weak spots that will make it easier for animals to gain access into your attic space.
  • Check your rooftop attic vents and chimney stack to ensure they are properly blocked off, so as to prevent animals from gaining access into your attic or basement via furnace vent.
These preventative measures will go a long way in keeping your home safe and saving you future hassle and money of trying to get rid of the animals and making the necessary repairs. If you have any questions or need advice, please contact Animal Control Officer Allison Cole at 847-588-6508.