Pulse Milwaukee Line

Pace’s new arterial bus rapid transit (ART) network, Pulse, will provide enhanced express bus service to commuters using the latest technology and streamlined route design.

Introducing Pulse

Pulse is designed to provide fast, frequent and reliable bus service in heavily traveled corridors of suburban Chicagoland. With the first line on Milwaukee Avenue scheduled to launch in 2017, Pulse will differ from regular fixed route bus service in quite a few ways.

  • Limited-stop express service
  • Vehicles equipped with Wi-Fi and other technological advancements
  • Easy-to-find stations with weather protection
  • Real-time bus arrival signage

More Information about Pulse in Niles:

Milwaukee Line Fact Sheet
Rendering of Oakton
Pulse Milwaukee Corridor Map
Pace Preferred Shelter
Pace Preferred Shelter 2

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Pace Arterial Rapid Transit Network Update- 4/6/15
Pulse Milwaukee Line Public Meeting- 4/13/15

Public Meetings

Public Open House at Oasis Water Park- 4/22/15