Community Events

Art Party Tuesday Community Night Out

Everyone is welcome.  Your night out will include dinner, wine, friends, and let's not forget Art!   Our NEW summer art programs are instructed by local artists.

The Artists

art station studio
Art Station Studio located in Niles Kathleen Gallegos owner and artist
Jo Mortland - Collage Artist and Doodle-A-Runi
Doodling for its own sake is also valuable, as a restful, creative activity. Each design is unique, and something anybody can do simply, with no more than pencil and paper.
Quilling with Kathy, the art of rolling and shaping narrow strips of paper and arranging them to form designs, is thought to date back to the 15 Century.  

Art Programs​

Art Station Studio presents string art over two glasses of wine.  Dinner includes pizza, soda, and dessert. 
Tuesday, Aug 21 • 5:00pm $18 (Adults 21+ years) 
$17 (Under 21 Years) • without meal 5:30pm $12 

Doodle-A-Runi presents a colorful silhouette over two glasses of wine.  Dinner  includes chicken caesar salad, garlic roll and dessert.
Tuesday, Aug 28 • 5:00pm • $15 (Adults 21+ years) $14 (Under 21 Years) • without meal 5:30pm $10 

NOTE:  Flyers are available at the Niles Senior Center to view the art pieces selected for each week. 

Feel free to bring your own art pieces to work on during any of the art sessions and take advantage of the artists inspiration and insight.