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ClearCaptions - Did you know that 48 millions Americans suffer from hearing loss?

If you are experiencing any form of hearing loss, you may qualify to receive a ClearCaptions phone.  ClearCaptions is a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certified telephone 
captioning provider.  There is no cost to qualified individuals whose hearing loss inhibits their phone use.

To use ClearCaptions Home Phone, you will need:
High-speed Internet Connection
Landline Home Phone and Service
Registered ClearCaptions Account

Join Susie Koleff as she discusses the service and answers any questions/concerns.  Refreshments will be served after the discussion.
Thursday, Sep 27• 10:00am-12:00pm • $0M/$1NM

AARP Smart Driver’s Course 

All participants must pre-register. It is a two-day course; participants must attend both classes. There is no final test to pass. Upon completion of the course, each attendee is awarded a certificate. Under Illinois law, those above 55 - whether AARP members or not - qualify for a worthwhile multi-year auto insurance discount by completing this course. Please check with your insurance company for the exact discount and the correct procedure to obtain it. Studies have shown that fewer fatal and injury-causing crashes and violations occur among drivers who have taken this nationally-recognized course. Cost of the course is $15 (AARP members) and $20 (non-AARP members). Paid by check on the first day of class. To register or for more information, please contact the Senior Center at 847-588-8420.
Thursday & Friday, Sep 20 & 21 • 9:00am-1:00pm
Thursday & Friday, Nov 15 & 16 • 9:00am-1:00pm


Super Senior - Secretary of State

A Secretary of State Mobile Driver Services Unit will be available for participants to renew their driver's licenses. An identification card can be obtained for $20.00; however, if you are age 65 and older you may obtain a free, non-expiring State of Illinois photo ID card. 

Super Seniors is a convenient and voluntary program for driver's license renewal, which includes Rules of the Road classroom instruction, and a vision-screening exam. The Rules of the Road Review Course also includes a review of safe driving techniques and Illinois driving laws.
Friday, Sep 28 ● 10:00am-2:00pm
(Registration is not required)

Rules of the Road Class

Instructor from Secretary of State's Office
Take a refresher course, before you take your test.
Friday, Sep 28 ● 10:00-11:30am ● NO COST
sec of state


The State Treasurer is holding 2.9 billion dollars in unclaimed funds for Illinoisans. The State holds these lost funds until they are claimed by either the original owner or their heirs. Property is returned at no cost with the proper identification.
Dan Pogorzelski, from the Illinois Treasurers office will be at the NSC to assist you to find out if you have unclaimed property.  
Wednesday, Oct 17 ● 9:00am-1:00pm ● NO COST
(Registration is not required)

Utility bills out of control?   CUB CLINIC

Representatives from The Citizens Utility Board, Illinois’ premiere utility watchdog group, are coming to the Niles Senior Center to assist you on natural gas, electric, and telephone issues, plus ways to combat high bills and resolve disputes with your utility company. Bring your bills to learn how to spot billing errors and other ways to save.
Registration required to ensure enough staffing to assist with billing questions.
Wednesday, Oct 3  ● 10:00am ● NO COST

RTA Presentation

Accessible Metra, Pace and CTA buses and trains are easy to use and the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) would love to show you how. It is important that older adults and people with disabilities stay informed about accessible public transportation options to get to appointments, maintain social connections, and enjoy independent travel!

Topics include:

• Local Public Transportation Options

• Accessibility features on CTA, Pace, and Metra

• Planning an Accessible Trip

• Paying Fare

• Ventra Cards

• RTA's Reduced Fare & Ride Free Programs

• Travel Safety Tips

• RTA's Free Travel Training Program

• Q&A sessions with the RTA Representative

Friday, Nov 2 ● 10:00am ● NO COST



SCRAM - Senior Crime Reduction Awareness Measures

Confidence Scams

These scams try to trick you out of your money. They include Lottery Scams, Psychic Cons,  Advanced Fee Scams and Grandma Scams to name just a few. Learn how to protect yourself and others.
Monday, Sep 10 ● 11:00am ● $0M/$1NM

SCRAM - Senior Crime Reduction Awareness Measures

Financial Exploitation
Financial exploitation occurs when a person misuses or takes the assets of a vulnerable adult for his/her own personal benefit. This frequently occurs without the explicit knowledge or consent of a senior or disabled adult, depriving him/her of vital financial resources for his/her personal needs.
Wednesday, Oct 17 ● 11:00am ● $0M/$1NM

TED Talks-September

Episode: How Trees Talk to Each Other
A forest is much more than what you see," says ecologist Suzanne Simard. Her 30 years of research in Canadian forests have led to an astounding discovery -- trees talk, often and over vast distances. Learn more about the harmonious yet complicated social lives of trees and prepare to see the natural world with new eyes.
Friday, Sep 14 ● 10:00am ●  NO COST

TED Talks - October

Episode:  My $500 House in Detroit - and the Neighbors Who Helped Me Rebuild It
In 2009, journalist and screenwriter Drew Philp bought a ruined house in Detroit for $500. In the years that followed, as he gutted the interior and removed the heaps of garbage crowding the rooms, he didn't just learn how to repair a house -- he learned how to build a community. In a tribute to the city he loves, Philp tells us about "radical neighborliness" and makes the case that we have "the power to create the world anew together and to do it ourselves when our governments refuse."
Friday, Oct 12 ● 10:00am ● NO COST