Informational Forum

AARP Smart Driver’s Course
All participants must pre-register and attend both days.
This course will help you update your driving skills and knowledge of the rules of the road, learn about normal age-related physical changes and how to adjust your driving to compensate, and so much more.  Cost of the course is $15 (AARP members) and $20 (non-AARP members) paid by check on the first day of class.
Thursday & Friday, Jan 26 & 27 • 9:00am-1:00pm

Senior Crime Reduction Awareness Measures (SCRAM) is designed to raise awareness and educate senior citizens in crimes that can affect them. The SCRAM program is a comprehensive program which includes education, community outreach, high profile awareness materials, passive reminders and active participation of business, residents and law enforcement to reduce crimes directed at seniors.

The SCRAM program over multiple lesson plans on crimes that effect Seniors covering topics including identity theft, internet safety, ruse entry burglary, burglary, personal safety, driving safety, confidence scams, mail fraud scams and other topics as identified that impact seniors. 

Investment Fraud
Learn how seniors are targeted through investment schemes.  From pyramid schemes to fables of a Nigerian prince looking for a partner to claim inheritance money, to complex financial products that many economists don’t even understand.  Investment schemes have long been a successful way to take
advantage of older people.
Wednesday, Jan 18 • 11:00am • NO COST

Telemarketing Scams
The most common scheme is when scammers use fake telemarketing calls to prey on older people, who as a group make twice as many purchases over the phone than the national average.  Older people are more familiar with shopping over the phone, and thefore might not be fully aware of the risk.  Learn how to protect yourself.
Monday, Feb 13 • 11:00am • NO COST