Informational Forum

Senior Crime Reduction Awareness Measures (SCRAM) is designed to raise awareness and educate senior citizens in crimes that can affect them. The SCRAM program is a comprehensive program which includes education, community outreach, high profile awareness materials, passive reminders and active participation of business, residents and law enforcement to reduce crimes directed at seniors.

The SCRAM program over multiple lesson plans on crimes that effect Seniors covering topics including identity theft, internet safety, ruse entry burglary, burglary, personal safety, driving safety, confidence scams, mail fraud scams and other topics as identified that impact seniors. 

Identity Theft

Knowing how people can become a victim of identity theft can help you from being a victim. Skimming, phishing, dumpster diving, address changes, are just a few ways your identity can be stolen. We give you tips to protect your identity and your loved ones. Friday, Nov 18 • 11:00am • NO COST

Holiday Burglary Prevention
Nobody wants to be a victim of a burglary. But when it happens over the holiday the impact can reach much deeper. These tips will keep your valuables and your holiday cheer intact.
Monday, Dec 12 • 11:00am • NO COST