Discussion Groups


Movie Discussion

F, Feb 26| 9:30am| No Cost
Movie: The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)
Fun and simple way to connect through cinema. You might have missed this hidden gem. Please watch the movie on your own prior to the discussion date.
issues in the news

Issues in the News

Thursdays| 9:30am| No Cost
Drop in to discuss the issues of the world.
good liar

Movie/Book Discussion

Tu, Apr 20| 11am| No Cost
Movie: The Good Liar by Nicholas Searle
Join us for a fun and simple way to connect through cinema or book. You might have missed these hidden gems. Please watch the movie or read the book on your own before  the scheduled discussion date.

Morning Chat

Tu, Apr 27 | 11am| No Cost
The topic for discussion is travel! Feel free to bring photos, artifacts, or souvenirs from your travels. We will explore the world through the eyes of our members—what a perfect time to relax and mentally get away from the cold winter months of Chicago.

Groups/Clubs - Volunteer Opportunity
NSC is looking for someone to lead the movie and/or book discussion group and chat groups.  Please contact Chrisann Fahy at cf@vniles.com or 847-588-8436 if you are interested.