Legislation Under Consideration

Legislation Under Consideration by the Stormwater Commission
Updated 11/02/2009

The September Stormwater Report stated that there is a need for the Village of Niles to update a number of ordinances and create new ordinances in an effort to meet the changing needs and challenges of stormwater management. The following ordinances are currently under review by the Stormwater Commission for consideration by the Village Board of Trustees at the January 2010 Board Meeting:
  1. Add a Fee Schedule for all Zoning Districts - The Village of Niles is one of the only municipalities without these fees, which are adopted to help support local sewer system maintenance, repair, and improvements.
  2. Establish a Stormwater Management for Developments Ordinance - The purpose for this comprehensive ordinance is to mitigate the negative impacts of stormwater for the development of residential and commercial lots.