Field Work for Sewer System Analysis

Updated 07/02/2010

Village staff is assisting stormwater engineering firm of Hey and Associates as they obtain field measurements of key pipe inverts which will be entered in the modeling and GIS databases for the development of a Hydrologic Model.

The modeling results will be used to identify flood risk associated with the existing drainage system performance. Problems such as basement flooding and surface ponding will be mapped according to the expected frequency of occurrence (5-year, 10-year, etc.). Areas of surface flooding will be analyzed not only for depth of flooding, but also for duration of flooding. The duration of flooding is an important attribute of urban sewer modeling that helps to characterize the severity of a problem.

Once the problems have been diagnosed, Hey will identify feasible solutions. These solutions will typically be either increases in capacity, increases in storage, or volume control. The Village's Stormwater Commission Report has already identified a list of possible solutions to be considered. Hey will analyze the effectiveness of these solutions and add additional ones as appropriate. Hey will also determine capital and operation/maintenance costs for each solution.

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