Tier-1 Flood Relief Project Design Continues

Updated 4/29/2013

Following the adoption of the stormwater relief program in June 2012, the Village of Niles hired Hey and Associates to complete preliminary design for the three Tier-1 Stormwater Management projects. The three projects under design include:
  • Cleveland Relief Sewer - a new stormwater relief sewer to provide flood relief to properties near Cleveland Avenue, east of Osceola.
  • Main Street Relief Sewer and Storage - Provide storage facility and storm sewer improvements near Milwaukee / Main. Sewer improvements along Lee Street and Main Street combined sewers.
  • West Side Storage Basins - Construction of detention basins at one or two locations and associated connecting sewers.
More information on these projects is available in the Niles Stormwater Relief program document on this website.

The preliminary design process includes survey, concept design verification and refinement, coordination with affected property owners, permitting coordination, preparation of preliminary engineering plans, and preparation of opinion of probable cost. The preliminary engineering for all Tier-1 projects will be substantially completed by August 2013. It is anticipated that one or more of these projects (or phases of the projects) will begin construction in 2014.

The Neva Avenue Bioinfiltration Basin project is a separate project that is funded by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. This project design has been completed and is anticipated to be constructed later in 2013. This project will help capture, store and infiltrate stormwater at the south end of Neva Avenue where it dead ends at the village’s water tank.