Got the Dot

The Illinois Yellow Dot program is a statewide initiative designed to provide vital medical information on vehicle drivers or passengers.

The Golden Hour is most crucial to offer the best chance of survival following a traumatic injury, occurs when those injured are seen or treated within an hour. In the moments directly following a crash, seconds count. When you participate in the Illinois Yellow Dot Program, you are providing first responders with vital medical information. Here's what you need:
  • Photograph - A photograph, clearly identifying the program participant, must be placed in the designated spot on the Yellow Dot medical card.
  • Personal information - This must include the participant's name, emergency contact, personal physician, medical conditions, recent surgeries, allergies, and current medications. The completed form goes in your glove box.
  • Yellow Dot - The decal must be placed on the rear facing window on the driver's side. This alerts first responders of vital medical information that can be found in the glove box.
The information contained on the medical card assists first responders in the Golden Hour immediately following a serious crash. This can mean the difference between life and death. Participation is free. Simply come into the Niles Police Department to get the information card and Yellow Dot. For more information, please contact the Niles Police Department at 847-588-6500.