Are You A Victim?

Domestic violence isn't just physical beatings; it can be verbal abuse, intimidation, control, threats; domestic abuse has many faces and comes in many forms. Do you think you’re being abused? Chances are if you’re wondering about it then you are. Take this quick quiz and determine if you’re suffering domestic violence:
  • Has my spouse / boyfriend / partner ever hit, grabbed, shoved, pinched, slapped, or hurt me physically?
  • Has my spouse / boyfriend / partner ever stalked me?
  • Is my spouse / boyfriend / partner controlling, possessive, or jealous?
  • Does my spouse / boyfriend / partner:
    • Threaten violence against me?
    • Threaten violence against our children?
    • Have a history of criminal activity or violence?
    • Have a history of mental illness?
    • Throw or break things when he’s angry?
    • Threaten to hurt me if I leave him?
    • Physically prevent me from leaving home?
    • Have a history of alcohol or drug abuse?
    • Have access to a gun?
    • Threaten to kill themselves if I leave him?
    • Get angry when I disagree with him?
    • Tell me whom I can befriend, work with or speak to?
    • Get irritated or frustrated with my appearance, behavior or friendships with others?
    • Call me names and insult me?
    • Smother me with apologies and gifts after an angry explosion?
    • If there’s a history of violence, is the frequency and severity of the violence increasing?
If you answered yes to many of these questions, you’re being abused and experiencing domestic violence. There is an answer; you don’t have to live with domestic abuse, no matter what. You have options and your first one is to get help.