Boards, Committees & Commissions

  1. Meeting Schedule and Appointees

  2. Board of Trustees

    Find information and agendas and minutes about the Village Board.

  3. Building & Zoning Committee

    View agendas, minutes, and committee information and updates.

  4. Community Relations Commission

  5. Economic Development & Neighborhood Renewal

    Commission for Economic Development and Neighborhood Renewal

  6. Emergency Telephone System Board

  7. Ethics Board

    Access information on the board and sub-committees.

  8. Finance Committee

  9. Fire & Police Commission

  10. Fire Department Foreign Fire Insurance Board

  11. Firefighters Pension Board

  12. General Government & Information Technology

  13. GIS Steering Committee

    Learn more about the committee and its roles and responsibilities.

  14. Human Services Committee

  15. Liquor Commission

  16. Milwaukee Avenue Corridor Committee

  17. Niles 2030 Implementation Committee

    Read committee agendas and minutes and view member information.

  18. Planning and Zoning Board

  19. Police Facilities Capital Improvement Committee

  20. Police Pension Board

  21. Public Arts and Culture Advisory Council

  22. Public Safety Committee

  23. Public Services Committee

  24. Stormwater Commission

    Read through meetings summaries and reports from the Stormwater Commission.