General Obligation Bonds

Municipal Debt General Obligation Bonds for Fiscal Year 2022

The Village uses its bonding authority very judiciously, relying on specific revenue streams to service the outstanding debt. For example, water system improvements were undertaken to allow the sale of water to new customers. The revenue from the new customers is used to service the debt. Similarly, with TIF redevelopment bonds, the incremental taxes from redevelopment services the debt. Total outstanding general obligation debt at April 30, 2022 is $15,505,000 detailed as listed below.

Water Fund

Issue DateExpiration DateDescriptionInt. Rate Opening Principal BalanceEnding Principal Balance
20142034General Obligation  Variable$3,050,000.00$2,875,000.00

Capital Projects Fund

Issue DateExpiration DateDescriptionInt. RateOpening Principal BalanceEnding Principal Balance
2018 2038 General Obligation Variable$13,130,000.00$12,630,000.00
Grand Total$16,180,000.00$15,505,000.00