Municipal Property Tax

The municipal property tax is authorized by state statute. The Village of Niles continually strives to minimize reliance on this tax in an effort to provide tax relief to our residents. With a diverse mix of revenue sources, the Village maintains one of the lowest property tax rates in Cook County.

The Village is a Home Rule Community, which allows maximum flexibility for important decisions affecting our citizens. The primary benefits of Home Rule status are the absence of artificial tax caps and the existence of increased authority for bond issues and local sales tax revenues.

The five year history, by tax year, for village property tax rates and levies is:
Year Rates Total
2018 0.51 $6,181,938
2017  0.55 $6,915,795
2016 0.51 $6,293,886
2015 0.57 $6,093,384
2014 0.53 $5,903,718

The chart above is for the municipal component of the property tax bill only. The full bill includes distributions to schools, parks, libraries, and county agencies. The Village receives only about 6% of the total property tax bill.

Property Dollar

PropertyTaxBillSplitDollarSmall copy