Crime Stoppers


Niles Crime Stoppers is a private, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the community. We pay cash rewards for information about a crime or fugitive that leads to an arrest or the recovery of contraband. The NPD has assigned an officer to act as a liaison with Crime Stoppers. When a tip is received, it is forwarded to the liaison officer. When the investigation is completed, the liaison officer reports back to the Crime Stoppers Board of Directors. The Board of Directors determines the amount of the cash reward. They take into account many factors, such as type of crime, amount of contraband recovered, number of arrests, etc. when evaluating each incident.

Reward money comes from various fund-raising activities and donations from private individuals and organizations.

​Call In A Tip
Anyone having information regarding a crime should phone the Crime Stoppers hotline at 847-588-6533. The operator will take the information from the caller and assign an identification number to him / her. It is important that you do not give your name. We do not want to know who you are. If no one is able to answer the hot line, callers will hear a recorded message. After the operator takes the information, the caller will be given the secret personal identification number and asked to call back in a number of days. Callers are only known as that number.

In the meantime an investigator from the Niles Police Department will have acted upon the information and, if it results in an arrest, the Crime Stoppers Board of Directors will decide on how much reward will be paid. Even the Crime Stoppers Board is given only enough information to determine how much reward will be paid. When the caller contacts Crime Stoppers again, the operator will inform the caller that a reward will be paid. The caller will then be consulted as to where, how, and when the reward will be paid. This is all done to protect the identity of the caller.