At Niles Family Fitness Center, we offer a wide variety of membership options to accommodate your family's unique fitness needs. Members have access to all of our club amenities, as well as a range of classes and special programs

How To Join

To join the Niles Family Fitness Center, visit our Membership Services Desk at 987 Civic Center Drive. Please see our hours of operation.

Payment Plans

Annual, One, or Three Month Memberships must be paid in full by Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. Monthly Payments for Memberships will be made by automatic drafts from Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. View our Membership Rates and Payment Plans for more information.

Membership Requirements

  • Membership Fees are based on Resident/Non-Resident (must provide proof of Niles Residency)
  • Primary member on family membership must be the full price membership.
  • Additional family discount fees only apply with purchase of a full price membership, and must provide proof that they live in the same household.
  • Guest Pass/Drop In Policy

Membership Age Groups

  • Adults - 19-61 years old
  • Young Adult 19-26 years old
  • Seniors - 62 and over
  • Youth - 14-18 years old
  • Children - 3-13 years old

How to Become a Member

Come in and see one of our membership services staff to get a tour of the facility and become a member. Make sure to bring your driver's license and proof of residency (if applicable).

 Send us an email for more information on memberships.

Cancellation / Suspension Policies

Did you know that the Niles Family Fitness Center would suspend your membership for illnesses? A leave of absence may be granted upon approval, a maximum of one time during the membership year. Requests must be submitted in writing within one week of the onset of the injury / illness and must be accompanied by a Doctor's note. Requests must be for a minimum of three months. Cancellation Form is available here

Satisfaction Guarantee

The Niles Family Fitness Center is committed to providing quality programs to our participants. If you feel a program did not meet your expectations due to the quality of instruction or program content, please contact the program supervisor.