Helpful Information

Where to Find Skunks
Skunk removal is vital in preventing skunks from overtaking your home and running the risk of getting sprayed by a skunk. You will most likely find skunks under houses, decks, sheds, cabins, and storage buildings. They have become more active in the area this spring when they focus on breeding and the summer when they look for food. After you identify a skunk problem it’s important to contact a skunk removal expert to discuss your options for skunk removal.

How to Identify a Skunk Problem
Skunks are fairly easy to identify, especially when you see a small creature with a bushy tail and a body striped black and white. You may see skunks at night in the springtime, as temperatures warm and they actively start searching for food and mates. If you come across a skunk, pay attention to the pre-spraying warning signs as they stomp their feet. It’s best to move as far away as possible from the scampering creatures because skunks can accurately spray between 10 to 15 feet.

Why You Find Skunks in the Yard & Skunks Around the House
Around this area, skunks will look for food and shelter around the house. Skunks normally follow a diet of rodents, insects, and wild fruit, but may change their diet to include garden crops, garbage, and lawn insects. If you do not seek skunk removal, they may make a permanent residence around the house. Removal experts will know the best methods to resolve skunk problems and prevent skunks from returning.

Damages & Hazards Caused from Skunks
People most commonly associate the unmistakable smell with skunks, but they can also carry rabies and cause damage to your house and property while trying to gain access to your crawl space, basement, shed, and other areas of your house and property. Skunks also dig holes in lawns and raid garbage cans while searching for food. If you notice a skunk wondering around in the daytime you need to call a skunk removal expert as soon as possible, since the skunk may be diseased and could act in unnatural ways, especially if it has rabies.

Skunk Removal
Many homeowners try to remove skunks on their own, but this can often cause skunks to spray pets and family members and quickly move to find shelter in another area around the house. Getting rid of the skunk smell can be tedious and time consuming, so it’s best to leave a skunk alone until a skunk removal expert can recommend the best skunk removal method for your particular situation.

How to Prevent a Skunk Problem
After you experience a skunk problem once, you will quickly search for how to prevent another skunk problem. A skunk removal expert may set up a fencing system around key areas near the house (and garden) and seal all holes and entrances a skunk may use to prevent skunks from coming back. It’s also important to remove all food sources that may attract skunks. A skunk removal specialist will know the best techniques on preventing a skunk problem.