SkunkIncreasing Population

More and more skunks have been reported in Niles and throughout the Chicago area. Illinois skunk population in 2010 jumped 46%, and it has increased in eight of the past 10 years, according to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, which monitors the population through a road kill index. A rabies outbreak in the early 1980s caused the skunk population to drop, and it has only started to build up in the past several years. It is also common to note that the skunk activity will increase in the fall according to the specialist at the Willowbrook Wildlife Center.

Removal & Information

It is recommended that a professional service be retained to remove skunks. University of Illinois Extension provides information for professional services in the Niles area. Searching under the pest control or wildlife control sections will provide you with professional services on removing skunks and other animals that may be presenting a problem. Additional information is available from the University of Illinois Extension website.