Residential Property Sale

Property Maintenance Requirements

  • All sale inspections must be set up by the seller or his authorized representative. The party meeting the inspector must be authorized by the owner to allow the inspector entry throughout the property, accompany the inspector and be authorized to sign and accept the inspection report.
  • In order to schedule an appointment, the seller, realtor for the seller, or the authorized representative must provide the village with the forwarding address of the seller, the exact closing date, and the first and last names of the buyer.
To schedule an appointment please call 847-588-8044.


  • Results of the inspection will be given to the person accompanying the inspector.
  • The fee for the inspection is $25 and is paid by the party purchasing the transfer tax stamp.
  • If violations are noted at the time of inspection it becomes an agreement between seller and buyer as to who will fix the violations. State of Illinois statutes require the seller to reveal to the buyer any outstanding violations.
  • If violations are noted, a re-inspection date is automatically assigned. After the transfer tax stamp has been purchased re-inspection dates can be rescheduled by agreement with the village.

During Inspections / Appointments

  • Final water reading is taken.
  • All receptacles must be three pronged grounded type. Any new or replacement receptacles shall comply with the 2002 edition of the National Electric Code.
  • Smoke detectors must be installed on every level. In bedroom areas they cannot be further than 15 feet from the bedrooms. Every bedroom must have a smoke detector.
  • Any interior or exterior stairway with more than four risers must have a handrail.
  • Any cracked or broken window glass must be replaced.
  • Holes in walls or ceilings must be repaired. Floors must be free from hazardous conditions.
  • Garage must have grounded receptacles. All new receptacles in the garage must be G.F.I.
  • Exterior building surfaces must be free from peeling paint, rust, rotting, or damaged wood or other defects.
  • Walkways and driveways must be in good repair and free from hazardous conditions.
  • All fences and sheds must be in good repair, free from rotting or damaged wood, rust, or other defects.