GIS Requests

Information Policy
The Village of Niles uses Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) software to track and visualize geographic information about our natural, man made, and cultural resources. This information is available to the public through various means and formats. The following is the policy established by the Village of Niles for access and distribution of the village’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data to the public and other governmental agencies.

Policy Summary

The Village of Niles maintains a series of maps in a variety of sizes freely available for download on our website. All other requests must be submitted to the Village of Niles Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Department on the designated form(s). The forms are available on our website, at the front counter of Village Hall, or can be requested by mail. Postage fees will apply to all maps sent by mail.

Type of Requests
All requests for GIS information not available for download are divided into one of two categories, standard or custom.


Standard requests are those for any standard maps available for download online. If you do not have online access, a Standard Request Packet can be obtained in person at the front counter at Village Hall, or you can request one be sent to you by mail.


All other requests are considered custom, including custom maps and requests for GIS data in ESRI format. For these requests, use the Custom Request Packet, which must include a signed and completed Custom Request Form, Commercial Use Worksheet, and Geographical Data Licensing Agreement. All custom requests will require the approval of the GIS coordinator. An additional fee may apply to custom requests at the discretion of the GIS coordinator based on the complexity and time requirements of the request.