Permit Applications

Do You Need a Permit?

Some improvements require that the property owner obtain a permit prior to doing the work. To obtain a building permit you must fill out a Building Permit Application. Building permit applications are available at the front counter of the Community Development Department. They are also available at the bottom of this page in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format. Improvements such as new construction, additions, and interior remodeling require you to use the form marked as Building Permit. Projects such as decks, driveways, fences, garages, roof replacement, air conditioners and furnaces (both new and replacements), and other projects are listed as separate permits with all the conditions associated with that permit. Please note that other forms of improvements may require permits and it is recommended that you call for verification prior to starting any work to avoid penalties.

Indicated at the top of the permit application are the submission requirements and the applicable fee. Submit the application with all the fields completed and attach any required documents. The documents will be reviewed and you will receive a call if additional information is required or if the permit is ready for pickup and you will be notified of the total permit fee.

In addition to obtaining a permit, the Building Division requests that all proper inspections, as indicated on the condition sheet, are performed. The intent of these inspections is to ensure that the safety, health, and welfare of you and any future owner are protected through proper building construction.

Online Self Service Portal

The Village of Niles now has the online self-service portal available for permit submittals. 

Additional Information

The following is addition detailed information or exhibits that may assist in permit submittal requirements

Utility Permits In The Public Right-of-Way

All utility installation, utility maintenance, and general right-of-way (ROW) permits for projects located solely within the right of way are administered by the Public Works Engineering Department. Please click on the following link for submittal requirements and ROW/utility permit application forms. Please also note that private development projects that involve both private property development/redevelopment or maintenance work which also includes utility service work in the ROW are still handled by Community Development department and a separate ROW/utility permit is not required. 

Public Right-of-Way (ROW) Permits