Phase 3 - Final Comprehensive Plan and Implementation Strategy

What is Phase 3 - Final Comprehensive Plan and Implementation Strategy?

The Final Plan and Implementation Strategy includes the combined effort of all the community engagement, existing conditions analysis, and opportunity area plans and is cultivated into a final Comprehensive Plan and Implementation strategy document.  The final Comprehensive Plan and Implementation Strategy document was reviewed by the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee on March 2, 2023 and positively recommended to proceed to be reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Board. Please visit Niles 2040 Plan News for information on the status of the review of the document. A draft of the Final Comprehensive Plan can be viewed here.

Key Components of the Comprehensive Plan

Vision Statement. This statement provides the long-term vision for what Niles will strive for in the future and serves as the aspirational value of the entire Plan.

2040 Vision Statemen t

Strategic Planning Elements. The Comprehensive Plan is divided into the following nine topical categories:

  • Land Use Strategy
  • Village Character and Identity
  • Community Facilities and Services
  • Districts and Corridors
  • Neighborhoods
  • Arts and Culture
  • Mobility Systems
  • Parks and Open Space
  • Sustainability

Each of these elements are intended to carry forward the goals and objectives from the 2030 Comprehensive Plan and introduce new policies and strategies reflecting a range of planning needs determined by the Niles’ residents and stakeholders during the two-year engagement process. All elements are essential to realizing Niles’ long-term vision.

Goals, Policies, StrategiesThe Niles 2040 Comprehensive Plan features a series of goals, policies, and strategies that aim and strive to achieve the community’s aspirations and future vision statement. 

  1. Goals. Overarching statement of aim and purpose for each element to guide decision-making over the time horizon of this Comprehensive Plan.
  2. PoliciesSpecific course of action to achieve the goal proposed in the Comprehensive Plan and adopted by the Village of Niles as a statement of intent.
  3. Strategies. Steps and initiatives required to advance the Comprehensive Plan’s various policies.

Additionally, throughout the plan are graphics that represent existing and future land uses, recommendations on streetscape improvements and individual site development opportunities throughout the Village, and case studies as projects that represent qualities that the Village could use as examples of best practices for new development.

2040 Other Images

Implementation Matrix. At the end of the Plan is an Implementation Matrix which the Village can use as a tool to prioritize implementation strategies and efforts. This matrix is a living document and will be updated on an annual basis to reflect priorities for the coming year and to ensure the Comprehensive Plan continues to align with the planning goals and aspirations of the community. 

How will the Niles 2040 Plan be used?

A Comprehensive Plan serves as the framework for local leaders and government officials and is the foundation upon which development and land use decisions should be based. Going forward, the Village will integrate the Comprehensive Plan into everyday decision-making.