Outdoor Fireplaces/Firepits

The Village of Niles permits the use of outdoor fireplaces for recreational fires but are subject to the following conditions and regulations. (Village of Niles Code of Ordinances Sec. 46-39) 

  1. All outdoor fireplaces are to be assembled following the manufacturer's requirements and the lid and screen must be in place when in use. Fire Pit
  2. When in use, the outdoor fireplace shall be placed on a non-combustible surface and positioned away from any structure or combustible object.
  3. Only seasoned hard woods shall be used. Rubbish, refuse, yard waste, and the like shall not be burned. 
  4. Fire must be maintained at a reasonable size. Smoke emitted from the outdoor fireplace shall not infringe on any neighbor's health, safety, comfort, or quiet enjoyment of their residence. 
  5. The outdoor fireplace must be attended to by an adult at all times. 
  6. All fires shall be immediately extinguished when finished. 
  7. Outdoor fireplaces shall not be utilized during periods of high wind velocity. 
  8. A portable fire extinguisher, pail of water, or connected garden hose shall be kept near the outdoor fireplace while in use. 
  9. Any fires which are deemed to be a nuisance or a hazard by the Village of Niles Fire or Police Departments must be extinguished upon request or demand of either department.