Senior Center/Social Services Groups

Niles Family Services/Senior Center Programs—No Cost to Niles Residents  Age 60 and over and Senior Center Members 


M, Jan 3-Feb 28|2:30-3:30pm|No Coast

W, Jan 5-Feb 23|2-3pm|No Cost

Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice that combines deep breathing, meditation, and slow, rhythmic movements. It has many health benefits and is fun and easy to do! This weekly, ongoing class will begin with a short meditation and end with a group discussion on a particular theme.

Awakening Joy

Tu, Jan 11-Feb 22|10-11am|No Cost

In this weekly group, we will explore what joy is, how to cultivate it in our lives, and how joy differs from happiness.

Together, we will experience many fun and creative ways we can continually awaken joy in ourselves through singing, dancing, making music together, sharing quotations and readings on joy, nature meditations, and lots of lively discussion.

Relaxation, Meditation & Mindfulness

Tu, Jan 4-Feb 22|1-2pm|No Cost

In this group, you will learn both the similarities and differences between relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness, and the many benefits of each. Together, we will practice a wide variety of relaxation and meditative techniques, as well as learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life.

Healthy Relationships Group

Tu, Jan 4-Feb 22|2-3pm|No Cost

This weekly, ongoing group focuses on how to improve ALL of your relationships, including spouses or partners, adult children, grandchildren, friends and neighbors. The focus will be on improving your listening and communication skills and how to give more ongoing support.


Th, Jan 6|1-2pm|No Cost

Th, Feb 3|1-2pm|No Cost

(First Thursday of each month)

Each month we will discuss what self-care is, why it’s important, how it’s different for each of us, the health benefits it offers, and the obstacles we often encounter and how to effectively overcome them.

Kindness for Health, Well-Being & Longevity

Th, Jan 6-Feb 24 |2-3pm|No Cost

This weekly group will focus on learning and sharing intentional, creative, and ongoing ways to become kinder to both others and ourselves. We will explore why kindness matters, how it changes lives, and how it can benefit our world.

Scientific studies have shown that incorporating kindness into our lives not only contributes to our overall health and well-being, but to our longevity too.

The Gratitude Club

Th, Jan 13|1-2pm|No Cost

Th, Feb 10|1-2pm|No Cost

(Second Thursday of each month)

This  monthly group focuses on developing and strengthening your “gratitude muscles.”  You will learn about the extensive, research-based benefits of gratitude, how to keep a gratitude journal, and how to bring gratitude into your ordinary, daily activities. Together, we will practice many types of gratitude exercises.

Pet Loss Support Group

Th, Jan 20|1-2pm|No Cost

Th, Feb 17|1-2pm|No Cost

(Third  Thursday of each month)

The death of a pet can be a very sad and lonely experience. Many people view and relate to their pets as beloved family members, and, after their passing, deeply miss them and the unconditional love they provided. This monthly support group will provide a safe and non-judgmental place to openly share feelings, memories, and experiences with others who understand. Grief education and resources will be provided.

Loneliness: How to Cope

Th, Jan 27|1-2pm|No Cost

Th, Feb 24|1-2pm|No Cost

(Fourth Thursday of each month)

We all get lonely sometimes, whether we are living alone or with others. Life circumstances, such as a spouse dying, getting a divorce, friends moving away or dying, or having adult children and grandchildren who are sometimes too busy for us, can plunge us into a state of feeling very isolated and alone, with a deep yearning for connection. This group focuses on the mental, physical, and emotional experience of loneliness, how it differs from solitude, and how we can cope by learning a variety of ways to re-connect with ourselves and others.


Polish Coffee Hour - Witamy

Th, Jan 20 | 11:30am| No Cost

Th, Feb 17 | 11:30am|No Cost

The Senior Center would like to invite all Polish speaking seniors for a coffee and chat about everything and anything. All meetings will be held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 11:30 AM.  Please join our group! 

Zapraszamy wszystkich seniorόw na kawę oraz rozmowę o wszystkim i o niczym. Spotkania odbywaja się w III Czwartek każdego miesiaca o godzinie 11:30 AM. Masz pytanie?  Dołącz do naszej grupy!