Luncheons & Special Events

Welcome New Year’s! - POSTPONEDnew year party

Tu, Jan 4|12-2pm|$18M/$23NM

Cheers! Welcome 2022 together with entertainment by Diva Montell and Jorge Holmes and a delicious meal catered by Nonno Pino’s, followed by a champagne toast.

Lunch includes a salad, roll, dessert and a main entrée choice of: Chicken Vesuvio- boneless breast sautéed in a garlic white wine sauce with sweet peas and roasted potatoes or Salmon Florentine- Tomatoes and spinach in a garlic white wine sauce.

Exploration Series “Sunny Southwest”

W, Jan 5|12:30pm|$6M/$9NM

Boxed Lunch $10

(Presenter James Rowan)

This program explores the four deserts of America’s Southwest, each with its distinctive flora and fauna. But there is more to the southwest than deserts. We’ll

also visit San Antonio’s Riverwalk and Alamo, Spanish missions, Santa Fe and Taos Pueblo, continuously occupied for nearly 1,000 years.  Doors open at 12:00 pm for a picnic at NSC; please bring your lunch.  If you prefer to purchase a boxed lunch from Honey Baked Ham, please select an entrée 1) ham classic sandwich 2) smoked turkey classic sandwich 3) veggie cobb salad each meal comes with a cookie and sandwiches comes with chips. 

Rock & Roll Luncheon with Daniel Rausch

F, Jan 14|12:30pm|$17M/$22NM

Daniel is a world class vocalist who loves to perform older songs that schmooze! Doo-Wop, Musical Theatre Tunes, 50’s, 60’s, and 80’s rock music are the genres he will perform. Please select a personal pan pizza option for lunch: 1) cheese, 2) sausage, 3) pepperoni, 4) spinach. Each meal will come with salad and dessert.

Nightclub in the Afternoon with Vito Zatto

F, Jan 21|12-2pm|$16M/$21NM

Vito is a Vegas style singer & entertainer who services Chicago and the surrounding area. He has earned a reputation for delivering quick- witted, spontaneous and high-energy entertainment.  Vito knows how to get a party going...and keep it going!

You'll feel like you’re in a Vegas nightclub, with a show full of hilarious stand-up comedy and music. Lunch will include: 1/4 slab of ribs, 1/4 chicken, oven potatoes, corn on the cob, garden salad, garlic bread and dessert.

Jazzen Afternoon

Th, Jan 27|12:30pm| $16M/$21NM 

Tommy Muellner and Arlene Bardelle have worked together for many years. They’ve played all of the top jazz venues in Chicago and other places. They both performed together at the Drake hotel for several years and have a nationally renowned recording together.  Please select from our smooth and tasty meal options 1) gorgonzola bistecca thinly sliced slow roasted beef served with a savory blue cheese dressing with sautéed red onions and fresh spinach 2) grilled chicken breast with pesto mayo with tomato and Swiss cheese, each meal includes potato salad and brownie.


Bob Newhart with Barry Bradford

Tu, Feb 1|12-2:30pm|$15M/$20NM

Bob Newhart turned 92 on September 5, 2021. He is a living legend and widely regarded as one of the nicest men in Hollywood history.

Two of his sitcoms became iconic and his appearances on the Tonight Show were legendary. His standup routine influenced a generation of comics. In fact, his “Abraham Lincoln Talks To A Public Relations Man” bit was so influential that it became a major plot point on the hit TV show “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” And in the early 1960s, his comedy albums set sales records that redefine the medium.

So how did a soft-spoken, mild-mannered, somewhat nerdy accountant from Chicago become one of the most beloved stars in American history? You won’t want to miss this fascinating and insightful multimedia appreciation of the great Bob Newhart!

Lunch includes: Gyros sandwich, fries and dessert.

Exploration Series “Animals A from Z ”

W, Feb 2|12pm|$6M/$9NM 

Boxed Lunch $10

(Presenter James Rowan)

Our planet is the home of over a million species of animals. Their common names run the alphabet from A to Z. For example G is for Groundhog, special emphasis on groundhog week at NSC. Jim has the alphabet covered in this program that explores the Animal Kingdom from Aardvark to Zebra.  Doors open at 12:00 pm for a picnic at NSC; please bring your lunch.  If you prefer to purchase a boxed lunch from Honey Baked Ham, please select an entrée 1) roasted turkey sandwich 2) roasted tomato & cheddar sandwich 3) ham salad sandwich and each meal comes with a cookie and chips. 

The History of Chocolate with Leslie Goddard

F, Feb 11|12-2pm|$16M/$21NM 

If you can’t imagine Valentine’s Day without chocolate, you aren’t alone. Americans spend $1.8 billion on candy and chocolates for Valentine’s Day. In this lively illustrated lecture, historian Leslie Goddard, Ph.D., traces the history of chocolate, looking especially at its role in expressing love. Learn how the Mayan and Aztec prized cacao as a luxury, how European aristocrats sipped chocolate in the 1700s and how Milton Hershey brought chocolate to the millions.  Lunch includes: mostaccioli, garlic bread, salad and dessert.

Special Event—Taste of Love

M, Feb 14|1pm| $11M/$16NM 

(Presenter Aleca Breneman)

Enjoy a taste of chocolate treats with a glass of wine as you learn about Luisa Spagnoli, the nineteenth-century Italian chocolatier who created Baci chocolate wrapped candy in a Love Note. Hear about her talents, her marriage, love of candy and her determination to employ women in her candy factory. 

Sweets and Treats Box

M, Feb 14|2-2:30pm pickup time|$15

You will be surprised with every mouthwatering bite within our mystery box of sweets and treats.  Pickup at NSC 999 Civic Center Drive parking lot; you don’t even have to get out of your car, pull up, and we will bring the box to your car. 

Mocktails & Kisses

T, Feb 15|12:30pm|$18M/$23NM 

Jonathan Lyons is back on demand. He will be ready to shake, rattle and roll the afternoon away. You will be swept away with some of Elvis’ Valentine’s hits, including Love Me Tender, Can’t Help Falling in Love, I Want You, I Need You, and I Love You So, and how can you forget his dance moves. Lunch will include a cup of soup and hot panini sandwich option of: 1) turkey & Swiss, 2) Italian with geno, cappocola, mortadella, provolone and sweet dessert.

Greatest Musicals Part 2

With Jim Kendros

F, Feb 18|12pm|$15M/$20NM

Jim Kendros returns to the Niles Senior Center to celebrate the immortal songs of great and timeless musicals! Experience the passionate and romantic strains of Bernstein's West Side Story as Jim guides us through the universal themes of love, loss, romantic tragedy and infinite hope. Jim will then offer us highlights from Andrew Lloyd-Weber's highly-acclaimed Jesus Christ Superstar. Whatever faith you may be, Jim will show you the universal qualities of these poignant songs! Join Jim for an afternoon of timeless selections from ground-breaking musicals!  Lunch will include a grilled chicken sandwich, chips and dessert.


The Beatles! With John Boda

Tu, Feb 22|11:30am|$15M/$20NM

The Beatles! - This presentation emerged after many requests to cover a few more from the rock era. Even though John Boda was 5 years old when The Beatles arrived in America, he was very much a fan at that age, along with millions of others! This program will look at the group and show how they started, and then focus on each member with a special song performed in their honor. Brief video clips, historic pictures and key big hit songs will be performed such as Please, Please Me, Yesterday, All You Need is Love, In My Life, Here Comes the Sun, Let it Be and more.

Lunch includes: a chicken kabob, Grecian potatoes, salad and dessert.

Carnival of Niles with Daniel Salamente

F, Feb 25|12:30pm|$16M/$21NM

Wear bright colorful clothing to celebrate with some music and food; dancing and line parades are encouraged!  Daniel will play a lively set of tunes with a vast range of genres. Please select a food option: 

1) marinated Mediterranean chicken grilled 2) chicken shawerma marinated thin sliced rotisserie style. Each meal comes with rice,  hummus and dessert.  

Mardi Gras Party

T, Mar 1|12:30pm| $20M/$25NM

Zydeco Voodoo Band plays a mix of traditional New Orleans music, and popular rock and blues songs adapted to the Zydeco style.  Their music will have the audience dancing, singing along, and having a good time.  Zydeco Voodoo is an upbeat band that interacts with the audience by throwing beads and having the audience come up on stage to participate by dancing or playing percussion instruments.  Lunch will be catered by Raising Cane’s in Morton Grove, and includes four chicken fingers, crinkle fries, Texas toast, coleslaw and dessert. 

Tap into St. Patrick’s Day

F, Mar 11|12:30pm|$17M/$22NM

Joe Cullen will be performing a combination of ballads, folk songs, traditional Irish tunes and comedy.  Cullen is well-known in the Chicago area, where he has been playing lively Irish dance music on the piano accordion at festivals, weddings, private parties, restaurants and lounges for more than 25 years.  Corky’s Catering will be delivering the meals, please select a boxed lunch option 1) corned beef sandwich on rye 2) garden veggie sandwich with provolone cheese 3) Corky’s club. Each meal comes with condiments, chips and a cookie.  


Pickleball Luncheon

W, Feb 9|12pm|$12

Calling all pickleball players. Get together and enjoy lunch with your fellow players. If you don’t play pickleball and are interested in giving it a try, feel free to contact Chrisann Fahy at 847-588-8436 or at for more information. Please select a personal pan pizza option: 1) cheese, 2) sausage, 3) pepperoni, 4) spinach. Each meal will come with salad, dessert and beer