Luncheons & Special Events

Due to the rise in meal and entertainment costs, feel free to register for entertainment only and bring your own lunch.  Please call the Niles Senior Center to register in advance for the program. Thank you.

Tina Turnerdorothy roberson

F, Oct 14|12:30pm| $18M/$23NM

From an early age, Dorothy Roberson set out to become a performer and professional singer. She is known for her renditions of Tina Turner’s greatest hits and has been featured on WGN Morning News and Fox 32 Good Day Chicago. Lunch includes pizza from Lou Malnati’s. Please choose one: 1)cheese, 2) sausage, 3)pepperoni, 4) spinach—comes with a side.


Fall BBQ

Th, Oct 20|12pm|$24M/$29NM Rick-Lindy

Enjoy the afternoon with Ricky Lindy and The Wild Ones, a four- piece band.  They will be performing rock and roll hits of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s as well as surf, rock-a-billy, and original songs.  Lunch includes a ¼ slab of ribs, ¼ chicken, oven potatoes, corn on the cob, garden salad, garlic bread and dessert.  


Trick or Treat

F, Oct 28|12:30pm|$18M/$23NM

Witches Brew: Additional $2Halloween.jpg

Warning:  If you don’t register for this event you will have FOMO (fear of missing out)!  Mike Knauf Music trio will have you howling all afternoon with some spooky tunes.  Come to the NSC party for some ghoulish fright and most creative costumes in sights!  Lunch will include bloody brains, eyeballs, bones and a monster.  Dress up and have some fun and maybe you will win the costume competition. 


Simply Eltonelton

Tu, Nov 1|12pm| $20M/$25NM

Simply Elton is not just dressing up in a crazy costume and mimicking a pop icon. Brian Harris, master musician will be bringing the music of Sir Elton John to life at the NSC- a true concert experience. Energy, costuming, and spot-on Elton vocals…..    it’s all there. Lunch will include broasted chicken, potato wedges, salad and dessert.


Fortress America Exploration Series

W, Nov 2|12pm|Lunch $10 

Presentation 12:30pm $7M/$12NM

(Presenter: James Rowan)

In the turbulent past, America needed to protect her shores and the expanding frontier.  The building of forts and fortresses however had to keep up with advances in offensive weaponry.  The program will discuss the evolution of forts from wooden stockades to brick masonry to underground missile bases and visits some of these interesting and beautiful architectural structures.  Doors open at noon for a picnic at NSC; please bring your lunch.  The lunch includes Honey Baked Ham sandwich, side and dessert.


Rrodod Stewart Impersonator  

W, Nov 9|12:30pm|$16M/$21NM

When Clifford Tartaglia takes the stage he is Rod! Rod Stewart is a British rock singer and songwriter, born and raised in London. Stewart is one of the best-selling musical artists of all time, having sold over 120 million records worldwide. You will be amazed by Clifford Tartaglia’s impersonation.  The lunch will include Mama Minelli meatball sandwich, side and dessert.  


The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald with John Boda

F, Nov 18|11:30am|$16M/$21NM

This is another in the shipwreck series and a very captivating look into a mysterious legendary disaster of the Great Lakes! It sank November 10, 1975 with no distress call and many other lingering mysteries, killing the captain and crew of 28. This presentation will investigate the details and story, with pictures of the crew and ship and what happened. Many more answers have recently come to light after the wreck was discovered and explored under Lake Superior. Also, as a bonus at the end, John Boda will perform and sing the classic song by Gordon Lightfoot as a final tribute, along with other songs throughout.  Lunch includes a Ruben sandwich, chips and dessert.


Elvis_PresleyElvis Presley in Movies & Music with John LeGear

M, Dec 5|12:30pm|$15M/$20NM

John LeGear will present Elvis Presley in film history.  Elvis Presley was a pioneer of the music industry, similar to what Bing Crosby was in the 1930s and what The Beatles brought to the world in the 1960s. Elvis had all the tools: a distinctive style, good looks, a passion for his craft and an absolutely beautiful voice. So where does one start when making a movie music show about Elvis? Emphasis will be placed on the first half of his 23-year career, which began in 1954. Elvis sang from the depths of his soul better than anyone of his generation, or perhaps any generation. This program will also focus on Elvis and his leading ladies. Elvis would have liked that, even if his longtime manager Colonel Tom Parker would not. Enjoy the movie music of Elvis Presley. Lunch includes an Italian beef sandwich, chips and dessert.


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DIY High Tea Stand

Tu, Oct 11|1:30pm|$10M/$15NM 

Develop the perfect stand for your delectable scones, tea sandwiches and cakes which are the hallmark of any afternoon tea. Register for part two, sandwiches and recipes to take home on your new stand.

High Tea Made by Me

Th, Oct 13|1:30pm|$15

Instructor: Melinda Sharkan 

Enjoy a high tea experience with finger sandwiches and desserts that you can learn how to do at home. By trade, Melinda is a retired RN, but her passion for the food industry started at the age of 16. 

She has volunteered to instruct this class which will include high tea, food items and recipes to take home for your perfect tea party while also teaching the group cooking cleanliness and safety.

Due to the rise in meal and entertainment costs, feel free to register for entertainment only and bring your lunch. 

Please see the Program Guide for cancellation policies.