Compliment and Complaint Procedure

Compliment Procedure

The Niles Police Department is committed to providing the highest level of police service possible. If you would like to compliment any Police Department employee for work you feel is worthy of recognition, please do so in the following manner:

o Mail your comments to the Chief of Police at 7000 W. Touhy Ave., Niles, IL 60714

o Contact any Police Department supervisor in person.

o Call the Police Department at (847) 588-6500 and ask to speak with a supervisor.

Once your compliment has been received, it will be documented and conveyed to the employee. A copy of the compliment will also be placed in the employee’s personnel file. As you would expect, our employees sincerely appreciate positive feedback from the citizens they serve.

Complaint Procedure

Each employee of the Niles Police Department clearly understands that the integrity of the department depends to a large part upon the personal integrity and discipline of each member. The Niles Police Department believes it is essential to maintain an open system of review that ensures objectivity, fairness, and justice through an impartial investigation of the facts. All of our police officers were carefully recruited and trained to perform their duties impartially. We strive each day to treat each person we encounter with courtesy, respect, and dignity. If you should have a complaint, you need to contact any Police Department supervisor. Your contact can be made by e-mail, in writing, or in person. You may also file your complaint by telephone, during normal business hours by contacting the Niles Police Department at (847) 588-6500 and ask for the on duty supervisor.

If your complaint is not immediately resolved, you will be contacted by the office of the Chief of Police for additional investigation.

You will be notified of the results of the investigation.