Rodent Control Program

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In order for Pest Control contractors to treat rats, property owners must complete the Reporting (Rat Control Release of Liability) interactive form.

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Preventing Rats on your property

Rat Activity

CDC Warning: Rats scurry for food during COVID-19 restaurant closures. Insects, rodents, and other animals may be considered pests as they can present negative health effects to residents and cause property damage.

The Village of Niles is working with residents and businesses in a community-wide effort to control the increased rodent population due to COVID-19.  

The Community Development Department tracks and investigates service requests and complaints; inspects alleys and properties for rodents; and performs and contracts baiting and exterior treatment for residential properties (FREE for residential properties). In many cases, inspectors have indicated that good management of the property is essential to controlling the rodent population.

What can you do?

Eliminate (and recycle) rubbish, boxes, scrap metal and other materials that give rats a place to hide

Control weeds, shrubs and vegetation overgrowth, especially along foundations, that give rodents the means to move from location to location without being seen

Keep food away. Don’t put food out for stray animals, and remove bird-feeders

Manage garbage. Use durable, City-approved trash cans with tight-fitting lids

Seal holes and openings in garage walls and doors

Share this information. Tell your neighbors, tenants and landlordsInvestigation and Treatment

In order for Pest Control contractors to treat rats, property owners must complete the Rat Control Release of Liability interactive form.

Rat Information

Rats live in areas where there is water, food, and shelter. Rat activity can be controlled and prevented by bagging garbage securely in containers, Not placing food scraps outside, picking up loose birdseed, Maintaining the property, and cleaning up after dogs.