Niles 2040 Comprehensive Plan

Invitation to give input for the Niles 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

The Village of Niles has started the engagement process to update its Comprehensive Plan to help guide the future actions of the community. Niles 2040 will guide the future development, improvement and preservation of the community. The present time has shown us that the way we live, work, shop, connect, and recreate is constantly evolving. People have new expectations and aspirations for the places they call home. We want to make Niles the best it can be now and into the future.

The Niles 2040 Comprehensive Plan will explore how the Village can better understand and address these changing times, such as a radically changed retail environment; transportation mobility innovations; an aging population; evolving housing preferences; changing work and commuting habits; and an increased focus on environmental issues and sustainability. The Village is strategically pursuing a planning process to anticipate these changes and harness opportunity to create a resilient, well-designed, livable community that represents the aspirations and values of its residents. It's possible here!

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Phase 1 of the Niles 2040 Plan is now complete - check out the State of the Village Report here!