Community Development

HowDoIThe Community Development Department consists of the Building Division, Business and Rental Licensing, Fire Prevention Bureau, Property Maintenance, Planning, and Health Divisions. The Department's mission is to guide the physical development of the Village through the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan and Building Codes, and enhance the quality of life in the Niles Community.


Village of Niles offers an entirely electronic permitting process, known as the Citizen Self Service (CSS). CSS is faster than the paper-based process to a building permit application online you may do so by using the links below.

You will need to establish a CSS account with the Village and create a login and password. Once the account is created, you will be able to review the status of all of your permit applications, plan reviews, and inspections in real-time. By submitting your documents electronically you avoid the travel time required to conduct your business in-person with the Village. 

Although the Department of Community Development still accepts paper applications, all are encouraged to use CSS to apply for and track the status of permits and inspections. 

Questions? 847-588-8040, press 0

  • Building permit-related inspections

 May be scheduled all inspections will follow social distancing guidelines. 
     Call  847- 588- 8040 for more information.

  • For Zoning inquiries

Call 847-588-8075 or 8077 or email or

  • Plan reviews 

Email applicable paperwork and plans to & electronicallyor come inside. You can also apply for a number of different permits online using our self service portal at Civic Access (

  • Business/Rental license inquiries -

  Please email any applications/inquiries to

Areas of responsibility include:
  • Planning and zoning
  • Building inspection and plan check services
  • Health Division
  • Fire Prevention Bureau
  • Business licensing / registration
  • Property maintenance
  • Code enforcement
  • Rental Licesning
Community Development Office

Task Areas

Specific task areas include
  • Current and advanced planning
  • Zoning administration
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Transportation / mobility planning
  • Code compliance
  • Real estate sale inspections
  • Business recruitment
  • Retention / expansion
  • Development / redevelopment
The department strives to provide vision and leadership within the context of innovative, high quality, equitable, and efficient services, which encompass and reflects community values.