Administrative Adjudication Hearings

Under the administrative hearing system as prescribed under Chapter 2, Article VII, the Village department that issues a ticket, complaint or notice of violation is not the Village agency that hears the case. Cases are heard by Hearing Officers independent of the Village. They issue final binding decisions as known as judgments.

An administrative hearing is a civil hearing. Cases filed may result in the imposition of fines, costs, liens, orders to desist or dismissals. In an administrative hearing, the burden of proof required to prove a violation of a Village ordinance is: by a preponderance of the evidence which means that more likely than not the violation occurred. It differs from a criminal proceeding in which the burden of proof required to prove guilt is: beyond a reasonable doubt.

The Village of Niles is committed to making all public hearings accessible.

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Please note all cases are handled by the Village Prosecutor, for questions or concerns prior to your hearing please contact the Village Prosecutor directly. 

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Hearing Information
** Effective Aug. 1 - All Hearings will move to in-person setting

In order to facilitate court activities the hearing officers of the Administrative Hearings may host administrative hearings in a virtual court room via Zoom.  Zoom is a video communications platform for video and audio conferencing. 

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