Public Works

The Department of Public Works consists of 54 employees and is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of village streets, sewers, water supply system, parkways, trees, signs, sidewalks, and alleys.
Niles Publice Services
The overall mission of the Public Works Department has been to provide the highest quality public works services to the public and other Village departments, balanced through efforts to maintain a cost effective operation and to provide these services in a responsible and efficient manner. This mission is accomplished through the prudent use of resources, technology, innovations, teamwork, and coordination with other service providers in the Village.

The Public Works Department is unique among Village departments because it acts as a line department, providing services directly to the public, as well as a staff department, providing services to the public indirectly by supporting other line departments through the Facilities Maintenance and Fleet Maintenance sections.

Additional Information
Also falling under the jurisdiction of the Public Works Department are the Fleet Maintenance Division and Courtesy Transportation System (Free Bus).