Construction Projects and Capital Improvement Plan

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Village Construction Project Updates

2023 Street Program

The contract for the 2023 Street Program is planned was bid in February and awarded in March to Arrow Road Construction.  Construction began in May 2023 and is scheduled to be completed in November 2023. Streets/alleys to be improved include:

  • Oriole Avenue from Howard Street to Oakton Street
  • Mulford Street from Oleander Avenue to Milwaukee Avenue
  • Nordica Avenue from Harvard Street to Oakton Street
  • Birchwood Avenue from Waukegan Road to Nordica Avenue
  • Rusch Drive from Newark Avenue to end
  • Niles Avenue from Harlem Avenue to Shermer Road
  • New England Avenue from Oakton Street to north end
  • Keeney Street from Waukegan Road to Caldwell Avenue
  • Newland Avenue from Cleveland Street to Madison Street
  • Newcastle Street from Cleveland Street to Madison Street
  • Madison Street from Waukegan Road to Caldwell Avenue
  • Kedzie Street from Neva Avenue to Shermer Road
  • Madison Street from Neva Avenue to Shermer Road
  • Neva Avenue from Cleveland Street to Kedzie Street
  • Peter Terrace from west end to Cumberland Avenue
  • Grace Avenue from Ballard Road to Davis Street
  • Clifton Avenue from Ballard Road to Davis Street
  • Davis Street from Greenwood Avenue to Cumberland Avenue
  • "T" Shaped Alley between Osceloa and Oketo north of Oakton between Osceloa, Oketo and Keeney
  • Alley between Oconto and Harlem from Keeney Street to Monroe Street
  • Alley between Milwaukee and Ottawa from Kedzie Street to north end
  • Alley south of Main Street on Oleander Avenue between Oriole Avenue and Olcott Avenue

Resident Information Bulletin - Oriole

Resident Information Bulletin - Nordica

Resident Information Bulletin - Evergreen Estates

Additional locations may be awarded via alternate bids pending budget availability. 

Gross Point and Touhy Intersection Improvement

The intersection at Touhy and Gross point has a skew angle and the lack of left turn lanes that make the intersection unsafe.  In addition there is a lack of coherent pedestrian route on Touhy from Gross Point Road to Caldwell Avenue. Multiple residents have requested pedestrian connections through this area.  The plans have been reviewed in public meetings. The proposed work is an intersection improvement at Touhy and Gross Point Road. The proposed project will increase bicycle safety with off street multimodal trail, will increase roadway safety with left turn lanes and lighting and will increase pedestrian safety by completing infill on Touhy Ave. The improvement includes a multimodal trail, roadway widening, left turn lanes, and lighting. The work will also consist of sidewalk removal and replacement, curb & gutter and traffic signals. The project was bid in March 2023.  Construction is scheduled to begin in late summer 2023 and is scheduled to be completed in early 2024. 

Milwaukee Brick Crosswalk Replacement - Milwaukee and Touhy Intersection

The Milwaukee Corridor committee selected decorative thermoplastic crosswalks for the replacement of the poor performing brick paver crosswalks.  The cross walks have been replaced incrementally on an annual basis. The existing brick paver cross walks are in poor condition and need to be replaced. The project aims to improve the aesthetics of the Village as well as remove the settling and deteriorating brick pavers. The scope will consist of brick crosswalk removal, patching,  milling and resurfacing, and decorative thermoplastic crosswalk pavement markings. The contract for the Milwaukee Brick Crosswalk Replacement is planned to be bid in February 2023 and awarded in February.  Construction is scheduled to begin in summer 2023 and end in early fall 2023.

North Branch Trail Connection - Bunker Hill

This project was conceived  to direct bike traffic from the busy North Branch Trail to the Touhy Triangle. The proposed path begins at the North Branch Trail in Bunker Hill in the Forest Preserve District of Cook County and ends at the intersection of Touhy Avenue and Caldwell Avenue. The work consists of sidewalk and bike path construction, installation of pedestrian push buttons, new crosswalks, drainage items and pavement markings. The contract for the North Branch Trail was bid in September 2022 and awarded  in October 2022. Construction began in May 2023 and is scheduled to end in Summer 2023.

Lawrencewood Watermain Lining

The Village plans to rehabilitate the Lawrencewood Gardens Watermain network. The Lawrencewood Gardens is bounded by Oakton Street on the north; Nordica Avenue on the west; a residential area on the south; and the Cook County Forest Preserve on the east. The Lawrencewood neighborhood water system is in need of repair. The watermain often experiences water main breaks. The breaks can be very difficult and disruptive to repair due to the tight quarters. The purpose of the project is to improve the reliability of the system while minimizing construction impacts to the neighborhood. The Village has selected a design-build alternative project method due to the uniqueness of lining 4" watermains and the desire to complete the work in 2023. The contract for the Lawrencewood Watermain Lining was awarded  in November 2022. Construction begin in May 2023 and is scheduled to end in Summer 2023. Resurfacing of Nordica Avenue will follow closely after the project.

Oakton Street and Caldwell Avenue - Multimodal improvements

Following resident outreach the Village of Skokie, Morton Grove, and Niles formed a partnership to pursue funding of pedestrian improvements from the intersection of Caldwell and Oakton to Niles West High school. The project has been very successful to date in obtaining Federal and County funding. Stage 1 of the project started construction in 2023. The proposed Caldwell Avenue and Oakton Street Shared-Use Path is located in the Villages of Morton Grove, Skokie, and Niles.  The improvements begin along Caldwell Avenue from Vapor Lane to Oakton Street, and on Oakton Street from Caldwell Avenue to Lehigh Avenue. The work consists of a new 10-foot wide HMA path between Vapor Lane in the Village of Niles and Lehigh Avenue in the Village of Morton Grove, as well as the construction of a sheet pile wall, drainage improvements, and traffic signal improvements. Morton Grove is leading this project and Niles is participating in cost sharing.

Greenwood Stormwater Basin

Competitive bids have been received for the project.  Construction began in September, 2021. The detention pond and StormTrap underground detention system have been completed. Sewer work has been completed on Church Street from Greenwood Avenue to the east side of Milwaukee Avenue as of December 2021. Sewer work in the Courtland Park neighborhood was completed in February 2022. Reconstruction of Church Street from Greenwood to Cumberland has begun as of April 2022 and was completed in August 2022. Paving and restoration work in the Courtland Park neighborhood was completed in early Summer 2022. The project was substantially completed by September, 2022 with landscape and plantings to be completed in early 2023.

Construction of the Greenwood Stormwater Basin project in Niles was financed by the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (SRF), a grant from the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRDGC) and local funds. The SRF program is administered by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and receives a portion of its money to fund these types of projects from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This project includes construction of approximately 14 acre-feet of stormwater storage; with an open water basin with native plantings, underground storage chambers beneath an event lawn, storm sewer improvements, water main improvements and landscaping. Once complete, it will improve water quality for area residents and businesses in Niles by causing stormwater flow rate reduction, sediment collection and removal from runoff. The green infrastructure will provide temporary storage for stormwater runoff and allow stormwater infiltration, reduce runoff and flooding, and improve water quality. SRF programs operate in each state to provide communities the resources necessary to build, maintain, and improve the infrastructure that protects one of our most valuable resources: water.

Construction Update Week of November 28, 2022

  • Progress Made the Past Week:   Install permanent signs.Work is significantly complete and and working on punch list and final restoration. 
  • Anticipated construction for the next week: Work is significantly complete and and working on punch list and final restoration. Corten wall mockups.
  • Current road closures and detours:  Daily lane closures on Church as needed. 
  • New road closures or detours expected for the following week:Daily lane closures on Church as needed.
  • Road closures that are ending: N/A

Milwaukee Avenue and Waukegan Road Street Lighting Replacement

New street light poles and fixtures are being installed on Milwaukee Avenue from Albion Avenue to Greenwood Avenue, and on Waukegan Road from Milwaukee Avenue to Main Street.

Final pole installations and punch list items are underway and will continue throughout the summer.  Weather permitting, the project is scheduled for a October, 2022 completion.  This project installed a total of 370 light poles and 76,000 linear feet of fiber optic conduit.

IDOT Construction Project Updates

Touhy Avenue Bridge over North Branch River Project IDOT is planning to begin replacement of the Touhy Avenue Bridge. The project is in the final design phase and is planned to be bid in the spring of 2024. This project will follow the Gross Point Touhy Improvement Project. Updates will be provided as they become available.