Vaccine Information and Disease Prevention

Vaccine Information

This link can show you many places to get the vaccine:

The Cook County Health website to sign up for information about receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is The telephone sign-up hotline is (833) 308-1988. Make an appointment or walk-in to any site to get your shot

Anyone aged 5 years or older in Suburban Cook County is eligible to receive one of the three vaccines against COVID-19. The vaccine is free of charge and insurance is not required.

Please note, the COVID-19 vaccination process is led by the Cook County Department of Public Health. The Village of Niles government and the Niles Senior Center CANNOT administer COVID-19 vaccines.

Independent of the County vaccine portal and hotline, the following retail pharmacies also offer vaccinations and may or may not have additional appointment availability:

  • Walgreen's.
  • Jewel-Osco (Albertson's).
  • Additional pharmacy partners may have registration for appointments.

Assistance for Homebound Individuals

Cook County Department of Public Health COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Partners are providing in-home COVID-19 vaccinations for suburban Cook County residents who are unable to leave home due to age, disability, or medical impairment.

To be eligible for this program:

  • You must live in in the Jurisdiction of CCDPH (all suburban Cook County except for Chicago, Skokie, Evanston, Oak Park, and Stickney). AND:
  • Be a senior OR a person with a disability who requires in-home assistance. OR:
  • Have to use adaptive equipment (like a ventilator, crutches, a walker, a wheelchair, etc.) and/or accessible transportation to leave home. AND:
  • Leaving home is not an option for you because doing so requires considerable and taxing effort.

If you or someone you know fits the criteria, you can sign-up by calling the Vaccine Sign-Up Hotline: 833-308-1988 Monday-Friday 8:00 A.M.-8:00 P.M. Visit the Cook County Department of Public Health website for more information on the homebound vaccination program.

After sign-up, you will receive a confirmation email or phone call from one of the Cook County Department of Public Health’s COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Partners to schedule your in-home vaccination when the vaccine is available to you. Please be patient as CCDPH responds to a large number of requests.

Vaccine Information Links

The following are authoritative resources for further information about COVID-19 vaccination:

If you have further questions about COVID-19 vaccination, please contact your doctor or healthcare provider.

COVID-19 Testing

IDPH - COVID-19 Testing Site Information

Coronavirus Information Links

For current, authoritative information on the novel Coronavirus, visit the following web sites:

Centers for Disease Control 

Official State of Illinois Coronavirus Page

Illinois Department of Health

Cook County Department of Public Health COVID-19 Website

Confirmed COVID Cases

According to the Cook County Department of Public Health, as of February 25, 2022, there have been 7555 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Niles, with 278 COVID-related deaths reported by the Cook County Medical Examiner.

The Cook County Department of Public Health and the Cook County Medical Examiner maintain records regarding the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths, respectively. The Village of Niles does not receive information on overall COVID-19 cases directly, but Village employees will periodically check for updates to include on this page.

To view up-to-date numbers for cases in Niles, please visit the Cook County Department of Public Health’s "COVID-19 Surveillance Data" page, click on "Map," and select "Cumulative Count." To view up-to-date numbers for COVID-related deaths in Niles, please visit the Cook County Medical Examiner's COVID-19 Related Deaths page and select Niles under "Residence City."

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