Virtual Entertainment

Although we may be at home during this time, it does not mean that we cannot have fun or see some of the beautiful places in this world.  

Check out the links below and the other pages to visit museums and national parks, play games or exercise.  We hope you enjoy!

Live Streams

Wild Earth live streams from South Africa

Monterey Bay Aquarium live streams

Shark Cam:

Otter Cam:

The Georgia Aquarium 24-hour

Beluga Whale Cam:

Ocean Voyager Cam:

Live HD Nest Cams

We invite our viewers into the world of Bald Eagles through our high-definition live-streaming cameras placed over wild and captive Bald Eagle Nests. We are grateful to HDOnTap for generously donating their streaming service and partnering with us to achieve the highest quality possible.

bald eagle

Animal Conservation & the San Diego Zoo

We would like to thank Greata, Breanne, GiGi and Mom Shana for sharing this educational and fun link to the San Diego Zoo website packed with information on animal conservation efforts, the history of the zoo, what zoologists do and so much more!  We hope you enjoy this as much as we do! Click on the link below.
leopard2 (1)

San Diego Zoo Live Cams

Tigers, giraffes, koalas, penguins and more.  Watch these beautiful creatures LIVE at the San Diego Zoo! Click this link to go to the zoo and watch life or recorded footage.
sandiego zoo

Chatter Pack 

Chatter pack has a list of free, online, boredom-busting resources  Click on and choose from any of the topics: Virtual tours, Online learning, Geography & Nature, Music with live streaming concerts around the globe, Arts & Culture, Literature, Entertanment including podcasts.  So much to keep us entertained.

Famous Museums from Around the World Virtual Tours

Visit the Smithsonian and other famous museums around the world.
Tip: To view the museums, click on the underlined text on the page.

Smithsonian Washington

British Museum

Visit the British Museum and taking a virtual tour through time. Choose your interest, choose the time period and listen to the remarkable information of history.  To visit the British Museum from the comforts of home, click here.

british museum

Google Arts & Culture

Virtual tours, culture, information, history - you will find it all here.  Learn something new every day!


National Park Virtual Tours 

Experience beautiful scenery at our Natoinal Parks.


Instructions on How to Get Connected & Set up an Account

Getting started with Netflix (for your phone, SmartTV, laptop, pad or desktop.

Click on the link and follow instructions below

Welcome to Netflix! We’re excited you’ve joined and look forward to helping you make the most of your membership. Below you'll find some helpful information to get you started. If you don’t see a topic covered here, try searching for it on our Help Center. If you haven't signed up yet and would like to learn more, visit What is Netflix?

Signing In

Once you've opened the Netflix app or Netflix website, simply select Sign In to access your account and begin streaming. You can sign in on any Netflix-compatible device, or on multiple compatible devices! If you experience any issues, review the troubleshooting steps at I can’t sign in to Netflix. If you don't yet have the Netflix app, visit How do I download the Netflix app?

Creating Profiles

You can create profiles for members in your household, allowing them to have their own personalized Netflix experience. Your account can have up to five individual profiles, and you can set a maturity rating level on each one. Each profile will have its own recommendations based on that profile's ratings and tastes!

Finding TV Shows and Movies

To find your next binge, search for titles you’re interested in, or browse suggestions provided by Netflix. Once you start viewing and rating titles, our recommendations will find more and more content you'll love. You can also enable subtitles, captions, or alternate audio on many titles, or browse titles with your preferred subtitle or audio language.

Managing Your Account

You can update your account information at any time, and change your email, phone number, or even your membership plan by simply selecting the Account option within the Netflix menu. From your Account page you can also adjust content controls, such as playback quality, language, and subtitles. The articles below can help you learn how to manage your account!