1. Administration

  2. Community Development

    Explore building applications, forms, and permits, health information, and more.

  3. Family Fitness Center

    Enjoy the programs, activities, and gym services at the fitness center.

  4. Family Services

    Learn how the Family Services Department can assist you or others you may know.

  5. Finance

    Access village budgets, reports, tax information and register for a pet or vehicle license.

  6. Fire

    Read all about the Niles Fire Department and their specific programs.

  7. GIS

    Understand how Niles uses GIS to benefit the village.

  8. Police

    Learn about the Niles Police Department here.

  9. Public Services

    Explore information about the Department of Public Services.

  10. Senior Center

    Explore the Niles Senior Center.

  11. Teen Center

    Check out information about the Niles Teen Center.

  12. Staff Directory